Dishcrawl — The Funnest Way to Try Out the Best Santana Row Has to Offer

I tried out 4 new restaurants in Santana Row Monday night! Oh, and I only paid $40 ;D

Such is the beauty of Dishcrawl =] You get to try out appetizers, dishes and desserts at restaurants famous for certain specialties without dishing out the big bucks. I love it!

The evening got off to a good start with a lovely stroll around Santana Row — the rich sure know how to do spectacular decor!

And now, for the food =3 Check out the delectable dishes I got to try out!

First, we all met at LB Steak*

There, we were treated to…

Tuna sashimi bruschetta and breaded eggplant with goat cheese

And potato chips made from roots! By far the tastiest chips I’ve ever had =3

Root chips

Next, we walked over to El Jardin.



Sangria & margaritas


Tilapia ceviche

Don’t remember what these were called ><;

Then on to Rosie McCann’s for some hearty Irish food!


Roasted portobello mushroom, fish & chips, and a slider =3

Last, but not least, we ended on a sweet note at the Olin Avenue Market =]


Know what the best part is? There’s one of these babies at least once a week! Check out their website to find one near you and go taste some amazing food =3 I’m considering the Cognac Tasting and Food Pairing one ;D

*I “borrowed” (winking, wink) most of these pictures from Dishcrawl’s Facebook album since they turned out so much better than the ones I took O=] Credits go to the wonderful Ms. Cindy Garcia.

Napa, Round 2!! Continued…

Here’s the rest of my pictures from my second trip to Napa =]

Chateau Montelena

This winery is supposed to be really famous!!



I really liked its cute little koi fish pond ^^



They had some HUGE bottles on display!

Baldacci Winery




Baldacci had some really pretty vineyards out back…


Stag’s Leap

This one just looked awesome from outside!



Bakery Bouchon

We wanted to end the day on a sweet note so we went to the famous French bakery Bouchon. I was surprised to find it was actually really good! I can be a bit of a food snob since I’m originally from France and was just raised on ridiculously good food… but this place was worth the detour =]


 They had a decent amount of options and their pistachio macaroons were delicious =3


The area around there was really cute too!


Napa, Round 2!!

My amazing friends David and Renee not only took me to Napa once before I moved to Paris,  but a second time when I got back too!! ^^ Thank you guys. You two are the absolute best!! ❤

Cosentino Winery




Amazingly enough, Cosentino Winery makes their own honey!! =3



Beringer is the only winery from the first we went back to. I had to get some more of their delicious sweet wine, Nightingale ^^

The CIA (Culinary Institute of America)



From left to right: David, Isabela and Renee

Freemark Abbey



Sterling Winery

One of the coolest wineries we visited was Sterling. It was kind of like skiing. We took a lift all the way up to the top of the mountain.





We got to take a walking tour of the winery while sipping wine there. We had some cab, chardonnay…




At one point we wandered onto this nice terrace with a gorgeous view of the valley. Unfortunately, my photography isn’t to the point where I was able to take a picture that did it justice though =/




The view from the lift on the way back down.



We found this gorgeous spot once we got back on the ground =]


I even found a swan ^^


Napa Was Amazing!!

I went to Napa Valley this weekend with my good friends David, Renee and Alex and had so much fun! We visited 10+ wineries over 2 days.

Before I get into all the details and pictures from my trip, thank you so much David and Renee for planning this trip for me! You guys are simply amazing! 

I’m only going to give you guys the highlights today so this can be more of a  picture-blog. Looking at pictures of vineyards should be more fun than wishing you went wine-tasting with us ;D As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Joseph Phelps is the second winery we went to on Friday. All the wine-tasting took place on a beautiful terrace overlooking the vineyard.

What a great view just from the parking lot!

The Entrance

The terrace was gorgeous!

Aren't we a photogenic bunch?

The view from the terrace was so beautiful!

Another memorable winery we visited Friday was Beringer. Check out their website for recipes and wine-pairing tips! The barista(?) who poured our wine here was so friendly and the grounds were absolutely gorgeous.

Did I mention there was a castle?

... and a fountain too!

Beringer's legendary dessert wine, Nightingale, has a beautiful color!

Those two think they're so cool!

On Saturday, our second day, we went to Santa Rosa to get away from the more touristy places. We visited several great places Saturday but the 2 most memorable were Williamson and Valdez. Williamson had a small tasting room where we were served a small bite to eat with each wine. We had things like chocolate cake, blue cheese, and candied walnuts with honey (yum!)

I don’t have pictures from this winery and it’s not very well-known, but I highly recommend anyone who loves wine and food visit! The pairings were amazing and brought out wonderful tastes we didn’t expect. I know next to nothing about wine but even I could tell this was something special. They also only make as little as 300 cases of many of their wines, so don’t wait too long!

This last set of pictures is from a wonderful winery called Valdez. This is a smaller vineyard which is not very famous yet, but several wine magazines have been writing great reviews for a few years now (and their wines were served at the White House in 2008!)so it won’t be long before recognition and prices go up.

The owner, Ulises Valdez, was fantastic. He was laidback, down to earth, and immensely kind. He took us to look at the vines at his St. Peters lot (the vines grow right behind a church!), something no other winery did. Thank you for being so kind and generous with your time Ulises–I really appreciated it! This winery was worth going out of our way much more than I can explain with my limited knowledge! Enjoy the pictures =]

The vines were so beautiful!

These grapes reminded me of stained glass

The owner took us on a private tour and taught us about his Zinfandel grapes.

His oldest vines are a whopping 130 years old!


I had fun playing hide and go seek in the vines

All of these wineries were wonderful and the scenery was amazing! I had such a great weekend–Thank you so much for planning this trip for me David and Renee!! ❤