This Is How You Do Friendsgiving!

So… I was originally going to write a blog post about how startup types, etc. can get in touch with the tech companies at RocketSpace since we’ve been getting tons of random walk-ins recently, but my new buddy Kien made this AMAAAAAZING (not enough A’s on this keyboard!) video documentary/lip-synch musical/interpretive dance scrapbook of the shenanigans and festivities that went down at Becky’s Friendsgiving up in Geyserville last weekend… and this just seemed so much more awesome than anything I could possibly write that I had to share it!

So crack a beer, sit on down on your couch, and get ready to dance along!

Friendsgiving 2014 // I Want You Back // Geyserville from Kien Lam on Vimeo.

#Speechless 🙂

And if you want to find out more about the amazing Mr. Kien Lam, check out his Facebook page Kien Lam Photography and give it a like 😉

St. Patrick’s Day, California Style

I recently realized that, with all of my articles on resumes and interviews… I just haven’t been posting about all of my adventures and travels anymore.

So, to the many friends I’ve had the pleasure of making all of the world, sorry!

And here’s a step in the right direction ❤

We have our very own Dublin in California, and, like their namesake, they like to feel the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day! Dublin, Ca put on a 2-day fair of their own, complete with a parade on Saturday. I unfortunately couldn’t drive there on Saturday, but I did get to go enjoy the festivities Sunday.

Following, a few feature snippets:

Ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, ands other rides aside, one of the funnest parts of the fair was… what would I call it… an outdoor mall? There was a whole section full of small stands selling diverse wares, not unlike a Renaissance Faire, come to think of it.

Custom made birdhouses!

Custom made birdhouses!

Click on me for larger view

I have to admit I really loved the animal puppets and mini-purses =]

Animal PuppetsMini-purses

The best part of the fair was undoubtedly the live entertainment though! Dublin hired and flew out Celtica, an Irish rock band, all the way from Ireland!



Think American rock bands rock hard? Check their female vocalist out.

Can you juggle fire balls?

Can you juggle fire balls?

Want to give them a listen?

Linkin Park and Incubus Live at the Shoreline!

Had the best best start to a weekend ever last night: saw my favorite band live at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, and got to enjoy some of Incubus’ greatest hits too! =]

The Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View

I didn’t take too many pictures or videos since I wanted to “live in the moment” and enjoy it, but here’s a little something for you guys too ❤

And now for some videos =]

That’s all for now folks ❤

Dec 23 How to Fold an Origami Crane (in under 2 minutes)

A friend of mine who helped me make cranes for my granny told me it took him 10+ minutes to make a crane!! After making several hundred… it now only takes me about 1 minute per crane so I thought I would record a video (looked some up and they unfortunately weren’t that  helpful/simple.)

So here’s my how-to video for origami cranes ❤

It’s about 5 minutes since I go nice and slowly to make sure it’s all easy to understand, but let me know if there are parts you don’t understand or if it just isn’t helpful!