Castle of Versailles, Part 1

I took Alex to the castle of Versailles ^^ I was born in what used to be part of the castle and grew up nearby, so I thought he’d like to visit it =] Plus, it’s one of the most beautiful places in France. Enjoy!

We entered through one of the side entrances into the park.

The gardens are huge and have several lakes, even a canal!

The Chapel Louis 14th had built. He was very pious and felt one could not put a price on worshipping God.

The ceilings were decorated with beautiful paintings.

Quick Vacation at My Other Grandparents’ House

I’ve been busy working on my CV (cutticulum vitae–European version of a resume)  and cover letter, researching job openings, and taking care of administrative chores to set myself up in France while staying at my maternal grandparents’ house, but I finally got the chance to go visit my other grandparents. I took  the opportunity to take a few pictures to show you their cute apartment and kitty =3

Speaking of the kitty... I found a cute little present when I entered my room! His name is Douxchat.

Douxchat was very sweet and played top model for me throughout my short stay.

He likes to take naps on my grandpa's desk...

... play on my grandma's piano...

... and have tea time in the living room with my grandparents!

And there you have it! A quick tour of my grandparents’ apartment as Douxchat sees it =]