Pit Stop in Verona, Pt 2

Like I said last time, we only spent a few hours in Verona but I somehow managed to take A LOT of pictures… so here’s the rest! Enjoy =]

Duomo Cattedrale di Santa Maria Matricolare

Alex and I found this strange, striped cathedral while walking around randomly. We were surprised how much cool stuff we always just seemed to find magically whenever we simply walked around aimlessly.

Everything inside the cathedral was just awe-inspiring!

A few more pictures of sights we found strolling around (Hint: slide your mouse over each picture to see comments and descriptions, and click on them to see them in full size.)


Pit Stop in Verona, Pt 1

Alex and I had a few hours to spare before our connecting train to Venice so we decided to explore Verona =] We were only there a few hours, but I somehow managed to take A LOT of pictures!

The Arena

Walking Around, Exploring Verona

We found Juliette’s supposed balcony. She probably never lived there… but it was still kind of cool.

We came to a river with a wonderful view!

We found a small alleyway with stairs leading up the mountain and decided to go up just to see what was up there. We almost regretted it since it was pretty hot! ><‘