Ephesus, One of the Most Beautiful Places in Turkey (and in the World!)

The hotel we stayed at, Urkmez Hotel, was just gorgeous!

What better way to start the Turkish leg of our trip than with some yummy food =] This place right next to our hotel had amazing food! =3

We found some gorgeous ruins walking near our hotel!

Last Pictures of Barcelona

This is going to be a rather large post since it’s a potpourri of the rest of the pictures I took in Barcelona. Enjoy!

Let’s start with a few pictures I took while strolling downtown with Alex.

My uncle took us to see some old Catalunian houses near his home so we could get a feel for traditional architecture. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they turned some of these into bed and breakfasts? It’d be a great way to make sure they’re maintained and kept in tip-top shape!

Here’s a close-up of the gorgeous mosaic on this house.

Yeah, I just had to take a picture of this wall when we walked by. If I remember correctly, it was on our way to the Gothic Quarters.

Fresh vegetable, meat and seafood market. We had a delicious snack there! The food was so fresh and tasty–I wish I had thought to take a few pictures!

La Seu cathedral in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter.

More pictures from the Gothic Quarter.

This connected 2 buildings above a narrow alley.

For some reason, we keep seeing arcs everywhere: in Paris, Barcelona, Munich and a whole bunch of them in Rome! I feel like there must be a significance I’m not understanding…

Last but not least, we took a few moments to relax by the beach our last evening =]

More pictures from my travels here!


Visiting Barcelona, Part 1

**I’m not sure everyone knows this yet, but 2 weeks ago I embarked on a really nice, long trip around Europe (and Turkey and Hong Kong.) I’ve fallen behind in posting pictures since I’ve been having so much fun I come home pooped every night and just go to bed, but here are some of the first pictures. (PS I’m now in Rome =] )

We saw tooons of stuff in Barcelona and had a good old jolly time. It was sunny, my uncle cooked for us every night… it was awesome =]

The Sagrada Familia. My uncle explained to us that it won’t be finished for another 30 years and that Gaudi, the architect who designed it, was horrible at math and miscalculated several important measurements such that the Sagrada Familia would collapse if it was completed according to his measurements.

We found this in the garden in front of the Sagrada Familia.

I wanted a picture to show the contrast between French and Catalunian bread and pastry shops.

Park La Tamarita

I was amazed by how beautiful the houses are in Barcelona and ended up taking quite a few pictures just of houses!

The Funicular to go up the mountain from Tibidabo looked closed when we got there…

… so we decided to take a hike and walked up a small trail we found nearby.

At first we thought this must be a church!

However, when we got closer we realized it was actually someone’s house!

We saw this church during our hike up the mountain.

Another beautiful house we saw.

Chevreuse’s Château de la Madeleine

**Forgot I still had this in my drafts ><‘ Wait just a little longer for pictures of Barcelona**

Alex and I went to see my maternal grandparents one last time before I go on my big trip and move back to California.

Alex nommed on my granny's special potatoes. He keeps saying other potatoes just aren't as good =3

I took the opportunity to take him up to Chevreuse’s castle, le Château de la Madeleine, which my grandpa says used to belong to the Knights Templar.

Sign to the Château de la Madeleine

The Château de la Madeleine

The view from this high point is pretty sweet

Alex really liked climbing up onto the wall...

Chevreuse's chapel, as seen from the Château de la Madeleine's wall

Cathedral of Notre Dame

Just ‘cuz I live in Paris doesn’t mean I can’t do touristy stuff ;D

Wandering around Paris looking for the cathedral

These were right above the entrance to the cathedral

Inside the Cathedral of Notre Dame

I took a quick video inside the cathedral too. There was a woman singing =]

Travel Meets Social (Or Social Meets Travel?)

I discovered the Pinterest of tourism today (HAD to say that! XD): trippy.

Guess what it does… it allows you to “pin” pictures of places you’d like to go and share them with your Facebook friends… I mean “share travel ideas with friends.” Now I know this doesn’t sound very original considering all the apps coming out about SoLoMo (the holy trilogy of social, local, mobile), but I just so happened to stumble upon this at the perfect time.

The interface is nice, isn't it?

I’m planning a trip ^^ I’m going on vacation in April! My CDD (French short-term employment contract) ends April 24 so I thought I’d take advantage of this fortuitous timing (right when the summer weather will be picking up quite nicely) to get my European tourist style on.

My hit list? Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Turkey, Dubai (or Qatar?) and, finally, Hong Kong. Whew!! Think I can manage to spend a decent amount of time in all those places in 3-4 weeks? I might have to trim this a little O=]

Who can guess where this is? ;D

*Added bonus: trippy has this cool little function that lets you use pins to plan your next trip!

Showing Japanese Friends Around Paris

Some friends from Japan came to visit Paris this weekend, so here are some of the pictures from our trip yesterday =]

Père Lachaise

Takuya found a really cool vintage camera right outside the cemetery =]

Flea Market by Père Lachaise

Sacré Coeur

You can only see about half the stairs we climbed up to get to Sacré Coeur

The view from the top of the butte MontMartre--ah, Paris. Always so gray...

The carousel in Montmartre

The coolest gift in the gift shop!

Dinner at the quartier Chatelet--Yup, apparently we have huge beers in France too...

Dinner at the quartier Chatelet--hhmm cassolette =3

We ended the day at a club for a friend’s birthday party, but of course I forgot to take pictures O=]