Thanksgiving Leftover Cupcakes: Honey Cornbread w/Cranberry Icing

I’ve been mulling over this idea for a recipe composed of leftovers from Thanksgiving and got the perfect excuse (and crowd to beta test!) when the lovely Ellie M. invited me to her co-op’s Friendsgiving shindig last Monday 🙂

The recipe is quite easy! I followed this recipe for honey cornbread muffins from the Food Network for the “cupcake” part, then gathered the following leftovers from Thanksgiving with my family and friends this November:

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Stuffing
  • Turkey gravy
  • Cranberry Sauce

I also bought:

  • Berry cream cheese for the frosting (regular cream cheese should work too)
  • Cupcake liners
  • A cupcake pan (a little Google research revealed some neat, but not so pretty alternatives, so I figured I might as well)

The Steps

  1. Follow Honey Cornbread Muffin recipe found here to make the cupcakes. I was surprised that the recipe called to put all of the batter into 12 cups and there was enough to make most overflow, so I’d recommend filling each cup almost to the brim so nothing oozes all over your pan or oven during baking.
  2. While the cupcakes are baking, grab a bowl and mix mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy. I would start with a small batch as you will want to play around with adding more of each ingredient until you reach the proportion you like best 🙂
  3. Once the cupcakes are ready, use a thick knife to make a large hole in each one. I only made mine 2 inches in diameter and found that filling about half of the cupcakes would probably have been better, so don’t be afraid to make the holes pretty big.
  4. You might want to let them cool a little before you use a spoon to drop dollops of your mashed potato-gravy-stuffing mixture into the hole you poked into each cupcake.
  5. Lastly, mix your cream cheese with left over cranberry sauce, and frost your cupcakes (helper elves optional).
Yay, elves!

Yay, elves!

Lastly, Take a photo and chow down!


Feel free to share some of your favorite holiday recipes in the comments 🙂

This Is How You Do Friendsgiving!

So… I was originally going to write a blog post about how startup types, etc. can get in touch with the tech companies at RocketSpace since we’ve been getting tons of random walk-ins recently, but my new buddy Kien made this AMAAAAAZING (not enough A’s on this keyboard!) video documentary/lip-synch musical/interpretive dance scrapbook of the shenanigans and festivities that went down at Becky’s Friendsgiving up in Geyserville last weekend… and this just seemed so much more awesome than anything I could possibly write that I had to share it!

So crack a beer, sit on down on your couch, and get ready to dance along!

Friendsgiving 2014 // I Want You Back // Geyserville from Kien Lam on Vimeo.

#Speechless 🙂

And if you want to find out more about the amazing Mr. Kien Lam, check out his Facebook page Kien Lam Photography and give it a like 😉