Success! I Passed My Last Exam!

I’m very happy to announce that I have finally passed my last exam! The first time I took it, I missed it by a few points–so disappointing =/ San Jose State University managed to mess something else up with my paperwork so I need to turn a form in again, but I will soon be receiving my diploma!!

Ah sweet, sweet success =D

This means than I am now finally ready to get my plane ticket to France. Can you guys believe that I still haven’t bought it?! According to my mom’s friend, the flight attendant who is helping me get a standby ticket in business class (yes! 3 suitcases here I come! =] ), we don’t need to rush since it’s easy to get standby tickets at the last minute, but I’m still getting a little impatient.

Hopefully, my next post will be announcing which day I’m leaving for France. And of course I’ll continue to keep everyone updated about when I’m free to catch up. There are still many people I haven’t had a chance to see yet!

Speaking of which, I’m free for dinner tonight (Tuesday night) so send me a text if you’d like to grab dinner =]

1,000 Views in Under a Month!!! Thanks everyone!

I was very excited when I turned my laptop on this morning because I had  a feeling today would mark a memorable milestone in my blogging journey. Last night this blog had had 970+ views and I was pretty sure it wasn’t too unrealistic (or pompous!) of me to hope for a few more throughout the night….

and I was right!! As of 5pm August 11th, I’ve had 1,030 views.

Now I could be all self-congratulating and proud of myself… but I’ll be reasonable. The reason I’ve had this many views (other than my undeniable natural talent ;D) is because you have been taking the time to read my posts.

So Thank you, and I hope you’ll keep finding a reason to come back =]