Great Store in San Pedro Square Market!

I found the coolest store in San Pedro Square Market this weekend: Ay Dios Mio!

San Pedro Square Market

Ay Dios Mio!

The owner, Rose, is really sweet and gets tons of cool stuff from all over the world! Right now the theme is el dio de los muertos — check it out!!

She’s also got some great artwork!

Last, but not least, there are some great accessories! And yes, if you want me to ship you something I’ll help you O=]

Gotta end on a sweet note ;D

Rose is hosting a Girls’ Night with Crafty Chica Kathy Murillo this Saturday — the perfect opportunity to stop by ❤

Click on me for more info about Girls’ Night with Crafty Chica

Cool Store in Santa Cruz!

I took a trip to Santa Cruz the other day and discovered THE coolest store: Herb Room!!

It’s got tons of holistic medicinal cremes and even homeopathy and “magic Chinese oil” (my personal pet name for it — it really is magical!)

Let’s just say I’m in love ❤



This place is chock full of cool stuff!!



Herbs, …..… candles, …

… even incense!

And now to satisfy the consumer in all of us O=] …

This stuff smelled amazing! And felt even nicer on my skin ^^



This stuff truly is magic. It cures muscle pain, tendon strains, stomach aches… any kind of pain really!



They even have homeopathic ointments here!! =D This stuff was the best — my Mom put is on my bruises when I was a little kid (and boy did I get a lot of them ><;)Last but not least, this stuff is amazing for panic attacks!


And there you have it folks!

Come wander around in this cool store and have some yummy free tea =3





Your Neighborhood Is a Thrift Shop–HipSwap Helps You Make the Best Of It

Who knows what wonderful treasures are hidden away in your neighbors’ homes! Antique dresses, accessories… even furniture! HipSwap’s mobile app shows you everything your neighbors or, if you choose, people all over the US (there’s even an iPhone case for sale in France!) have put on sale, and takes care of the shipping for you.

It’s like ebay, except easier. There’s no bidding, you can sign in with Facebook, and they deliver your lovely goods (in LA as of now, but they’re rolling out major cities this year so keep an eye on that website!)

Did I mention I really like their logo? And those shirts are amazingly soft! =D

One last thing I love about these guys: they give back.

Shop Kyle Richard's closet for Charity