SoLoMo: Whoozer, the application I actually want to use

I was originally going to publish an article about Whoozer on this blog, but I thought EU Startups would be a better platform to get them more exposure and that it would be redundant to post it twice, so instead I’m giving you a link O=]

Do check it out to see what I love about their new take on SoLoMo (social, local, mobile.)

——————————————————————————————————————–Project Happy: For the first time in months (yeah, I’m a little ashamed) I went on a jog today! I ran for about 30 min to the Buttes Chaumond Park and then wandered around there for a bit before running home. It was a wonderful feeling running with the sun warming my skin =]

What about you? Feel free to share something that made you happy today!


Why Being Social Is Awesome (Check Out My Bike!)

I haven’t gotten my camera memory card back yet, but I couldn’t resist sharing one of the coolest moments from Jason Calacanis’ LAUNCH conference with you.

One of the things my boss wanted me to do at the conference was to go around and find judges and somehow entice them to come to our booth (we were just one of dozens of startups in the demo pit, but if one judge found our startup really cool they could have brought us on stage to pitch in front of the whole conference.)

That’s not a very good strategy though. Have you ever been hunted? For anything… a favor, money, even a homeless person trying to get a few coins? It’s NOT an enjoyable experience. So I had the following thought process: if I was a judge, would I get sick of entrepreneurs chasing me around trying to get me to go check out their cool SoLoMo startup? Um… yeah! I would! Would I avoid anyone making a bee line for me? Heh, well… I would be a little cautious. So why the hell would I do that to them?

The way I saw it, our best chance at success (and at my actually enjoying the conference–the first day was pretty boring since all I got to do was stand at the booth) was to just be my usual social, cheerful self =] so that’s what I did. I walked around the stands chatting everyone up, trying on costumes (no joke! Pictures will go up once I get my camera memory card back) and taking pictures… and lo and behold, I ran into judges!

So I just kept going =] One judge I ran into had an awesome bike! So what did I do? I asked for a ride ^^ and I got it!! He let me do several laps around the conference! Yeah… I was proud =D He had me film a little schpeel about how the bike rode for his blog too ❤ (I’ll post the link once I’ve got it.) And we did end up stopping by the stand so I could grab my camera, so he learned about Contract Live too.

Told you that ride was awesome! Can you see the peddals?

The coolest part though? Bill Warner (the judge in question), a famous entrepreneur and Angel investor, asked for my opinion on an investment he was considering. Oh was I proud then! I’ll have to save those details for another post though ;D I want to see what y’all think about the startup he was considering.

So? Are you gonna be even more social and awesome now that you’ve read how awesome it can make your day? =]

*As if that encounter wasn’t cool enough as it is, he told me I should go into tv =]

Travel Meets Social (Or Social Meets Travel?)

I discovered the Pinterest of tourism today (HAD to say that! XD): trippy.

Guess what it does… it allows you to “pin” pictures of places you’d like to go and share them with your Facebook friends… I mean “share travel ideas with friends.” Now I know this doesn’t sound very original considering all the apps coming out about SoLoMo (the holy trilogy of social, local, mobile), but I just so happened to stumble upon this at the perfect time.

The interface is nice, isn't it?

I’m planning a trip ^^ I’m going on vacation in April! My CDD (French short-term employment contract) ends April 24 so I thought I’d take advantage of this fortuitous timing (right when the summer weather will be picking up quite nicely) to get my European tourist style on.

My hit list? Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Turkey, Dubai (or Qatar?) and, finally, Hong Kong. Whew!! Think I can manage to spend a decent amount of time in all those places in 3-4 weeks? I might have to trim this a little O=]

Who can guess where this is? ;D

*Added bonus: trippy has this cool little function that lets you use pins to plan your next trip!