Startup to Watch: Chompus

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Eva Roa and Soon Khen Owyong about their startup, Chompus. Now, obviously I’m biased since they’re really good friends of mine from AIESEC San Jose, but I truly do think their startup has potential so I hope you’ll take the time to check them out online.

Eva and SK are 2nd and 3rd from the left respectively.

I tried out this cool recording app called iTalk to record our interview but the 20 minute file was too big to transfer so you unfortunately won’t get the chance to hear it.

I started out writing out a transcript but it was taking so long I finally gave up, so instead you’re getting the highlights!

Chompus is an application that connects event planners and students. Eva and SK have somehow discovered how to kill 2 birds with one stone: end student hunger and help event planners reach attendee targets.

Student hunger is a huge problem in the US, much more so than is commonly believed. I remember meeting SK shortly after he moved here from Malaysia. He lived off of $1 Burger King…. now he’s graduated to $1 carrots (kidding!) The point is, student hunger is a very real problem. Tuition is expensive, rent is expensive, and prices in general just keep going up!

The flip side is student organizations on campus. The easiest way to get students to attend events is to offer free food, but in Eva’s own words ” Everyone and their mother is advertising to get people to come to their events.” (Lol, love you Eva <3)

Chompus sends subscribees text message reminders of events offering free food. Badabing, Badaboom! (More eva right there ;D) Students can get food and students orgs can get more attendees!

I don’t want to make this too long so I’ll save the stories for another post — you can look forward to some advice on entrepreneurship as well as some really nice stories about what it was like starting Chompus in the next weeks.


That’s all for now folks. Make sure to “like” Chompus on Facebook =]

PS: Chompus is hiring! Check out their marketing internships.

Success! I Passed My Last Exam!

I’m very happy to announce that I have finally passed my last exam! The first time I took it, I missed it by a few points–so disappointing =/ San Jose State University managed to mess something else up with my paperwork so I need to turn a form in again, but I will soon be receiving my diploma!!

Ah sweet, sweet success =D

This means than I am now finally ready to get my plane ticket to France. Can you guys believe that I still haven’t bought it?! According to my mom’s friend, the flight attendant who is helping me get a standby ticket in business class (yes! 3 suitcases here I come! =] ), we don’t need to rush since it’s easy to get standby tickets at the last minute, but I’m still getting a little impatient.

Hopefully, my next post will be announcing which day I’m leaving for France. And of course I’ll continue to keep everyone updated about when I’m free to catch up. There are still many people I haven’t had a chance to see yet!

Speaking of which, I’m free for dinner tonight (Tuesday night) so send me a text if you’d like to grab dinner =]

SJSU Freshmen, take Sci 2!

The other day, one of my best friends’ little sister sent me a text asking about Science 2: Success in Science (Sci 2) so, being the undisputed authority on all things Sci 2, (HA! O=] ) I promised her I would write a post describing why she should take the class.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to remember how confused you were when you first went to university and tell the freshmen you know getting ready to attend San Jose State University (SJSU) to take Science 2, or at least read this post.

Here are only a few of the many reasons all incoming freshmen at SJSU should sign up for Sci 2:

I. It is chock full of resources! In this class, you will learn tons of things that will help you be successful at  SJSU (hence the name):

  1. Which offices and departments are in charge of what, including where to go for help depending on the sort of trouble you stumble into
  2. Where to find important documents and info on the SJSU website (not as easy as it sounds, trust me)
  3. Important rules and regulations most students don’t learn about until it’s too late
  4. A list of resources found on campus such as free tutoring and help with paper-writing
  5. The CSU formula used to calculate student GPA (useful in determining how much effort to put into which classes)
  6. Self-analysis regarding work and study type and relevant tips (for maximum efficiency so you have more time to spend enjoying university life)

II. Science 2 is a great class to meet other freshmen and make friends in. With both a lecture and an activity section, you have 100+ potential new friends in this class alone. Coincidentally, this is where I met some of my best friends =]

My 2 best friends from my time working as a PA

III. Each activity section has a Peer Advisor (PA). This is an older student who has already taken and done well in Sci 2. Each PA is assigned to a class s/he co-teaches, grades assignments for, and meets with each student one-on-one every week to evaluate individual student progress and help with any problems before they spiral out of control. I like to think that we’re very helpful and great role models, but that’s up to you to judge for yourselves.

IV. It’s a great work opportunity: if you do well in the class you can apply to be come a PA. PAs do a lot of work attending their class section, grading assignments and meeting with students every week, but it’s generally under 20 hours a week, pays better than most jobs on campus, and is very rewarding. I really loved getting to know the students in my section, helping them become more familiar with SJSU, and seeing how much more confident I’ve helped them become at the end of the semester. Other PAs and I have become friends with many of our students and still keep in touch with them. It’s really a great job for anyone who is organized, sociable, and enjoys mentoring.

So there you have it folks! This is one of the best classes I have taken in university. It should really be called success at SJSU rather than success in science since it’s so helpful for freshman of all majors, and enrollment is not limited to science majors. It’s a little more work than most freshman classes, but it saved me from spending endless hours looking for information, gave me the tools and knowledge to stay out of trouble, and helped me graduate on time (I’m sure my parents appreciate the savings!)

So do your friends and relatives coming to SJSU a favor, tell them to sign up for Sci 2 (or Sci 90T for transfer students.)

*** Wanna get ahead of the curve? Check out my Job Search Toolbox for tips to set yourself up with a job by the time you graduate! ***