A Pre-Summer Night’s Adventure

It’s not spring yet, but the weather has been heavenly these evenings in Paris, and what better way to celebrate those glorious nights than with a nice, long walk and a tasty Japanese dinner?

Throughout the night, I somehow managed to meet Luigi…

Oh yes, he's real!

… and discover that even famous French macaron-master Ladurée can’t resist Hello Kitty’s charm.

If you've never had a macaroon, I highly recommend you do; they're delicious!! Especially the ones at Ladurée ❤

See, she agrees!

Project Happy: it felt amazing to quit my job today (more details to come later.) I had no idea I would feel THIS relieved, happy and free =]


Happiness Is In the Little Moments

Those unimportant, short-lived moments where you just live. Moments that help you forget your worries and keep track of what’s important =]

Nice weather and music do that for me! I had a pretty stressful day (an event I’ve been working on at work is happening tomorrow so it’s the last minute crazies, and one of my coworkers was pretty frustrating ><‘) but there was sunshine during lunch and the breeze made me wanna sing on the walk home, so it was still a good day =]

Plus, I saw a really big, happy dog in the elevator! He jumped up and hugged me =]

What did you enjoy today? What was your moment of peace and happiness?