Wandering Around Selçuk

Selçuk is the city we stayed at in Ephesus. It was such a nice little town ^^ There were some beautiful ruins, several merchant streets full of cool shops and delicious food =3 Plus, our hosts were just amazing. I think we found the sweetest guys in town!

This cutie pie is Zuzu! I stopped to pet her and ended up making friends with the shop owner. One of the amazing things about Turkey is that everyone is so incredibly nice (and not in that “I’m being nice to you so you’ll buy my wares and then you can be off on your way” kind of nice… they’re very genuine, friendly people!)

I found a turtle while Alex and I were walking around looking at ruins!

I took a lot of pictures of cute homes and hotels in Turkey too O=] I wanted to remember the quaint, almost French feel of it. I can’t quite pin it down, but it reminded me, not of Paris, but of the French countryside just a little bit.

I loved the way the vines formed a thin canopy up above our heads!

Just like the one pictured below, most of the neat buildings we encountered were hotels/bed & breakfasts or restaurants.

So colorful!

Alex really liked this place….

We came back to this place for dinner later that day! The lady just seemed so sweet, and she was so happy (maybe a little surprised?) when we came back!

Below is the tall, white building inside the wall. You can sort of see it on the right side of the picture above…

There was a street called “Love Street” in downtown Selçuk. Cute, huh?!

We found this fountain nearby (if I remember correctly! It’s been a month but I took so many pictures I’m still posting the ones from Turkey and editing the ones from Hong Kong ><‘)

And now for dinner pictures =3 These were grape leaves wrapped around rice and all sorts of yummy ingredients. Yum!!

Om nom nom =3

If you ever go to Turkey, you must try the yogurt drink!

I don’t quite remember what the yellow stuff was …. but click on the picture for a larger view.

The restaurant was so beautiful at night =] And there was almost no one else there for a bit! Everyone started showing up around 9pm.

There was even a hookah lounge in there!

Alex is a pro…

Great note to end the night on! =]