Pamukkale’s Wondrous Salt Pools

Yup, I visited a World Heritage Site! Beautiful, isn’t it? =]

This first picture was taken from the balcony of a restaurant we ate lunch at right across from the salt pools. The food was so good and the host really sweet!

This next one I actually took from the top of the salt pools themselves. The height offered a great view of the surrounding area =]

They make everyone take off their shoes before climbing up to keep the area clean and pristine…

Time for a dip in the salt pools!

Can you believe I slipped and cut my foot in one of the pools! The salt makes it so slimy… ><‘

A Sunny Weekend in Paris

The weather was gorgeous this weekend so I decided to walk around and take lots of pictures =] Enjoy ❤

What beats taking a nap in the nice, warm sun?

The 19th arondissement in the East of Paris

That gate opens, the water level goes down, and boats can pass right on through...

Kinda wanted to run through that fountain!

What do France's presidential candidates have to do with condoms? Why, dealing with the AIDS epidemic of course!

Paris so pretty ^^

Decided to go to the Eiffel Tower, just 'cuz I can =p

Ended the day with a nice bowl of beef noodles from Les pâtes vivantes.

Yum =3

The Adorable French Village Where My Grandparents Live, Part 1

I had some time today so I went on a stroll around the village my grandparents live in (in the French countryside) and took some pictures so you could all see. There’s a lot I want to show my friends in the U.S. (and all over the world!), so this will probably take several installments.

I had to go to City Hall to fill out some paperwork this morning, so we’ll start off there.

Doesn’t look much like an American city hall, does it? It sure doesn’t look like the one in San Jose (where I studied)!

Here are also some photos of the shops on our main street.

This (above) is a very casual place where you can eat, almost like a bar–well, pretty much a bar inside, but you can also eat outside.

The picture above is of our local butcher’s shop (actually, I think there are two in our town)… and of some guy picking his nose who probably thinks I’m stalking him.

In France, there are some really big stores like Wal-Mart, but in the country side most people don’t want to take their car to go grocery shopping in the nearest big city. Instead, they go to small specialized stores in their town. There’s a store for just about everything! There’s a butcher, a baker, a pastry shop, a smaller version of a big grocery store where you can find a variety of things and, in this town, even a computer shop (for getting computers repaired; it’s not Best Buy)!

This picture is of a plaza with restaurants and a haircut place. I like to look for a friendly white cat with orange spots when I walk by there, but sadly he was not there today.

There’s also a beautiful castle up in the forested hills. Can you see it in the distance? Here’s another look.

There are a lot more pictures I want to post but I’m running out of time, so here’s one last one.

There’s a gorgeous chapel in the town which was recently renovated. The crew is now working on renovating the garden, so maybe I’ll post some pictures of it too next year.

I unfortunately don’t have enough time to keep posting more pictures. Sending out CV’s and cover letters takes a lot of time. Ironically enough, finding work is hard work! So… in order to have more time to devote to my search for work I am now going to begin posting only twice a week instead of every other day. I’ll still make sure my friends all over the world stay up to date on my news though, so no worries! We’re not going to fall out of touch =]