Pictures of Rome, Pt 2

Been a little busy applying for jobs and going to interviews, but now that I’ve found a few minutes… here are the rest of my pictures of Rome!

We found this place while strolling around after lunch.

This restaurant looked so charming! Like something out of a romantic movie…

Ah Rome, columns everywhere…

This is where Alex and I had lunch!

I loved the way restaurants looked in Rome. Ended up taking pictures of more restaurants then I actually ate in XD

The architecture was gorgeous in Rome. I kind of miss it now that I’m back in the Bay Area.

I saw this and just had to take a picture for my little brother. He’s a fan of the Simpsons.

The Pantheon

Plazza Venezia

We went to the huge toy store at Plazza Venezia and found fancy Barbie dolls, my favorite board game Hotels and… a life size Garfield.

The coolest McDonald’s ever

Mozzarillo, aka McMozzarella


Pictures of Rome

After walking around the ruins of the old Rome we wandered to this beautiful Palace =]

Trevi Fountain–the Fountain of Love

Aren’t these cute?!

We found a San Francisco-themed bar near our bed and breakfast.

The Vatican

Inside one of the few parts of the Vatican you can visit:

You unfortunately can’t see it very in this picture but there was a dove in the center of this mural.

There were members of the Swiss Guard starting forward dutifully at several points.

Alex demanded I take a picture of The Vatican’s police cars. Lucky cops get to drive Alfa Romeos around. Alex was morbidly jealous…