A Little Anniversary Celebration

November 11, 2014 was officially my one year anniversary at RocketSpace, so I thought I would celebrate by looking up all the random photos I’ve been tweeted in. Sadly, I couldn’t find the older ones where visitors snapped shots of me at the front desk, but I still managed to find some fun ones 🙂

It’s been a great year at RocketSpace! I recently managed to volunteer my way into a promotion (yay!), so feel free to send referrals my way. I’ll get to officially move into my new role once we bring someone new on board and get him or her all trained up 😉 Friends can check out the job description here: Front of House Job Description – RocketSpace

And now, for the photos…

A little Team Tee Tuesday love 🙂 I love the CyberZ USA gals!

On a side note, my good friend Anders is co-founder of the delectable Spicy Vines mulled wine company. Highly recommend you check them out and buy their wine! It’s delish 😉

Until next time!

OK… so I kind of had to add this one retroactively O:)

Found another one!