Visit to an Awesome Plant Farm

My grandfather loves to garden and takes very good care of all his plants, so he likes to go buy more every once in a while. That is how we ended at up La Jardinerie de Chevreuse.

The entrance is beautiful (and I got lucky, I got my grandparents to stop for a quick pose!)

There were tons of beautiful flowers and trees, bushy-looking kind of plants, even statues and a pond!

This plant eats bugs! Can you see the fly flirting with danger?

I also found a spot with Buddhist statues! =D

I loved running into this little Zen part of the plant farm.

I thought this was pretty even though I have no idea what this plant is...

I just thought this looked awesome!

I even found a deer!

There were also beautiful lemon trees for sale =3

Can you see the statue in the backdrop of this photo? Can you guess what it’s of?

Here’s a closer look…

There were even some pumpkins for Halloween!

Last but not least, some colorful hortensias for my mom =]