Jack of All Trades Fair in Jack London Square, Oakland

Last weekend, Oakland was teeming with life as the Jack of All Trades Fair in Jack London Square unofficially kicked Restaurant Week off (in my mind anyway).

Similar to the Renegade Maker’s Fair in San Francisco, it was full of neat crafts, quirky art and overall very enticing fair!

Jack of All Trades Market, right this way!

Jack of All Trades Market, right this way!



More beautiful succulents

More beautiful succulents

Refurbished just about anything into a working radio

Refurbished just about anything into a working radio

Now what do these remind me of...

Now what do these remind me of…

Thought the Burning Man crowd would love these!

Thought the Burning Man crowd would love these!

So here's where you can get them ;)

So here’s where you can get them 😉

There's something touching about the juxtaposition of beauty and it's fragility

There’s something touching about the juxtaposition of beauty and it’s fragility



But don't forget Wall-E

But don’t forget Wall-E

These are going to be EPIC next Halloween!

These are going to be EPIC next Halloween!

I just had to...

I just had to…

Apparently you can get these at Cost Plus World Market. Brilliant!

Apparently you can get these at Cost Plus World Market. Brilliant!

When I get married, this little beauty will be there

When I get married, this little beauty will be there

And a last few sappy shots. I just love those little Star Wars-inspired cranes (or is it the other way around? 😉

Star Wars in Oakland

The perfect time of dusk

The Jack London Square harbor in Oakland

Some pictures you just can't pass up...

Until next time!

Are Social Media the Reason You Can’t Get a Job?

Title kind of gets the point across pretty clearly, doesn’t it?

See what I mean about inappropriate photos?

Here are some of the things you may be doing unwittingly that DON’T make you look like a good candidate:

  1. Inappropriate profile pictures. It’s the oldest one in the book, but still super widespread. Pictures of you flipping someone off as your Google+ / Gmail logo? Probably doesn’t make you look very professional…. just saying. (Oh, and same goes for pictures of you looking drugged in lingerie on Facebook.)
  2. Vulgar comments. Do you want the first impression your potential future employer has of you to be a public tweet claiming women “are ho’s and good for one thing only.” ? Pretty self-explanatory, right?
  3. Iffy Humor. I once found a LinkedIn profile with this position listed: Hot Anal Sex at Over the Counter from 1969-1969. Yes, it did make me crack up since it was so out of place, but it definitely made me reconsider reaching out to that candidate!
  4. Links on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is meant to be a professional platform, so I don’t recommend including links to personal websites or social media profiles that aren’t professional. ie, don’t include your Twitter profile where your personal URL leads to a website of you nude modeling (well, unless you’re only applying to modeling gigs!)
  5. Privacy. Yes, you are entitled to is, so use it. Recruiters and hiring managers don’t need to have access to your Facebook profile (which we do if your privacy settings are set to public, ie for anyone and everyone to see), so if you even suspect there may be something in there that doesn’t look professional, you might just want to set it to “friends only.” No, this does not make you look suspicious — people are entitled to privacy. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have somehing to hide.

I know all of this sounds pretty common sensical, but it’s actually quite common and you may be sending out some of those negative signals without meaning to. Couldn’t hurt to double check just to make sure, right?

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Things That Make Me Happy =]

Got Instagram recently and have just been going nuts taking pics all over the place. Here are some of the better ones I really wanted to share with you ❤

Hello Kitty Bandaids

Hello Kitty just makes everything better!

Chinese Tea


Not only does this stuff look gorgeous, it’s such a tasty way of waking up in the morning =3

My coworkers and their adorable puppies

As Doreen would say, “Adorbs” ❤

Speaking of adorable puppies…

Meet Ollie

Also love my Schecter!

My starry-eyed baby

Last but not least,

Meet hipster poop and vampire poop ❤












Google Tour ;D

My friend Mako, an AIESECer from Japan, is visiting the USA for the first time so my awesome friend Shirley, User Insights Analyst at Google, graciously obliged and showed us around! ^^

Here are a few pictures of the campus — enjoy ❤

Google Headquarters in Mountain View, Ca

The gift shop sells Android cookie jars! =3

Gift Shop

There’s even a lawn filled with statues dedicated to each Android update — can you name them all?

Statues of the OSes

Ever seen a conference bike? Wonder if they use these a lot… OXD

Conference Bike!

Trip to Oakland: Bittersweet & Zachary’s

I went on a really fun afternoon / evening adventure in Berkeley with a friend who used to work there.On the menu? A delicious chocolate cafe and Bay Area-famous pizza =3

Bittersweet: The Chocolate Cafe


Check out this place’s crazy blends!


Political hot choc?

The inside deco of Bittersweet Cafe is so quaint!!
Love that menu ^^

Check out that artwork!

Chocolate =3 Been wondering whether to try that bacon chocolate bar…

Last, but not least, yummy pastries to go with the hot choc!Now on to our next stop: dinner!

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza

Berkeley is just chock-full of places with really cool deco!

We had the spinach and mushroom deep dish pizza — YUM =3The best part about this place? You can just order and come back to pick it up. We took our yummy pizza up to Tilden View Point above UC Berkeley ^^

It was a great night =D

French Café de la Presse & SF Chinatown

One of my sisters from Kappa Delta, Britney, wanted me to introduce her to authentic French restaurants in the Bay Area, and since I only know of 3 and they’re all in San Francisco, we decided to take a little trip!

I decided to take her to Café de la Presse since it’s right next to Chinatown ^^



Unfortunately the pictures came out a little dark since we were right next to a window, but here’s the yummy food we had =3

Started off with mimosas and bellinis (like a peach mimosa)


I ordered a quiche lorraine and Britney had a croque madame =3 (and mystery friend hidden in the corner had pan bagna)


We then went on a nice stroll around Chinatown ^^

The entrance to San Francisco’s Chinatown is right next to Café de la Presse!



It was decorated with pretty red lanterns =D I think they were probably left over from a festival —  don’t know what Chinese festival there was in the last month though….



Found some great street art too!



Cool huh? ^^



We were pretty full from lunch but had to stop for a free tea tasting. Make sure you stop at one of their 3 locations in SF Chinatown. The tea is great, the people are very knowledgeable and helpful, and they give you tons of extra stuff ^^ I ordered black tea and the guy gave me some chrysanthemum tea to mix in with it for free =D


Last but not least, we did “a little” shopping O=]


That’s it for now folks!

Stay tuned for Part 2: Berkeley (yeah, it was a hell of a day =] )

LinkedIn Food Truck Friday

LinkedIn has this cool perk for its employees: every Friday, it pays for food trucks to come to the LinkedIn campus in San Jose and their employees can have as much yummy food as they want for free!

Lucky me, one of my coworkers is friends with someone at LinkedIn so, you guessed it, I snuck my way into LinkedIn’s food truck Friday O=]

First, I started with potato skins from Pacific Coast Highway =3

Then got a tandoori chicken sandwich from Tandoori Chicken USA.

The boys considered getting some tacos at Angelica’s Taqueria but decided on ice cream instead =3Probably should have taken a picture of this — LinkedIn keeps freezers stocked with ice cream for its employees to snack on =D