Repost: How to Negotiate a Job Offer, By Upstart Blog

I came across this great article by Upstart Blog and thought it would just be way too selfish to keep this to myself. Taking credit also just wouldn’t float my boat, so please consider this a friendly share and check out the article on Upstart Blog’s page.

To wet your appetite, here’s the beginning…

“Recently, one of my mentees – “upstarts” as we call them – asked for advice in negotiating a job offer. He had two competing offers – one from a large well-known tech company, and the other from a startup. The offer from the bigger company was better financially by a long stretch, but he was more excited about joining the startup. In the end, he negotiated a significantly better offer from the startup and got the best of both worlds.

A friend suggested that I share the advice I gave him, considering the many job-seekers who might benefit from it. I hired more than a thousand people directly or indirectly when I was at Google, so I’ve seen many flavors of negotiation – some more successful than others. And I also know well how both startups and larger companies think about the hiring and negotiating process…”

Click on me to read the rest of the article on Startup Blog. Enjoy!