Dec 23 How to Fold an Origami Crane (in under 2 minutes)

A friend of mine who helped me make cranes for my granny told me it took him 10+ minutes to make a crane!! After making several hundred… it now only takes me about 1 minute per crane so I thought I would record a video (looked some up and they unfortunately weren’t that  helpful/simple.)

So here’s my how-to video for origami cranes ❤

It’s about 5 minutes since I go nice and slowly to make sure it’s all easy to understand, but let me know if there are parts you don’t understand or if it just isn’t helpful!


Nov 24 Happy Thanksgiving!!

Origami Turkey by sophiefrenchgrl
Origami Turkey, a photo by sophiefrenchgrl on Flickr.

Don’t laugh too hard… but I’ve been making a lot of cranes lately so I thought I’d try a turkey… yeah ><‘