Pictures of Venice, Pt 2

As we walked around in Venice, I kept seeing people drinking what looked like a really yummy orange cocktail, so once we sat down for dinner I made sure I had a taste =] Turned out this thing was called a Venetian Spritz.

I thought it tasted a little strange (not as good as I anticipated ><‘) so I looked up what’s in a Venetian Spritz online. Turns out it’s any old white wine, some sparkling soda and then either Aperol, Select or Bitter. (Credit for the recipe: livingVENICE) I’m thinking I was probably given bitter.

We found several parks to stroll in in Venice and came across this statue too!

Pretty much every restaurant we walked by was beautifully decorated! I loved all the colors =]

One of the great things about Venice is that there’s water everywhere! This city was literally built on top of the sea. It made for some gorgeous views ^^

It seemed like everyone in Venice had a boat. Some locals even told us that sometime the city gets flooded and the only way to get around is with a boat! Definitely explains the canals/waterways that were all over the place!

Doge Palace and San Marco Church

Igreja de Santa Maria do Rosario (Church)

We saw this painting in a store. Isn’t it cute?!