Trip to Oakland: Bittersweet & Zachary’s

I went on a really fun afternoon / evening adventure in Berkeley with a friend who used to work there.On the menu? A delicious chocolate cafe and Bay Area-famous pizza =3

Bittersweet: The Chocolate Cafe


Check out this place’s crazy blends!


Political hot choc?

The inside deco of Bittersweet Cafe is so quaint!!
Love that menu ^^

Check out that artwork!

Chocolate =3 Been wondering whether to try that bacon chocolate bar…

Last, but not least, yummy pastries to go with the hot choc!Now on to our next stop: dinner!

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza

Berkeley is just chock-full of places with really cool deco!

We had the spinach and mushroom deep dish pizza — YUM =3The best part about this place? You can just order and come back to pick it up. We took our yummy pizza up to Tilden View Point above UC Berkeley ^^

It was a great night =D