I’m Off to Paris! And a Special Treat =3

Hi everyone,

The princess pic I took for my first official post on trint--go check it out!

It’s very late and I need to leave early so this is going to be very quick! Here’s an update on my flight:

I leave SFO at 7:20 tomorrow morning, have a layover in New York, and then arrive in Paris at 7 am (I get the feeling my grandparents aren’t very happy about having to come pick me up so early!)

I’m afraid today was very busy and I haven’t gotten the pictures from my going away party from friends yet, but I do have something for all of you to read: today, my love blog for trint went live! Check it out and leave me comments! ❤

I Loved my Surprise Going-Away Party

Alex did an AMAZING job with my surprise going away party. Not only did he unflinchingly not divulge ANY details, but he was even able to get other people to pretend to drop me hints accidentally! I ended up thinking the “surprise” was going to be Sunday when it was actually today!

My friend Amanda came by to pick me up for San Jose State University’s Homecoming game tailgate. We parked at a park near the football field… and saw Alex there! He said he was waiting for our friend Queeny, and I thought it was very funny that we all parked at the same park near the tailgate.

Then we saw some more of our friends playing football a little bit further away in the park… and I spotted my best friend Helen. Helen and I have been best friends for 10 years even though she stayed in Pleasanton while I went away to San Jose for my university studies… and that was when I finally realized it. Helen doesn’t come down to San Jose. She was here to see me! Then everyone saw me and started to come together…

And they asked for a speech!! We ate yummy hamburgers and hot links Alex grilled on the BBQ and chow mein, chicken, chips, Blue Moon beer everyone brought.

Everyone, thank you so much for coming today! It was a wonderful surprise and I was so happy I got the opportunity to see all fo you again I more time before I left!

And thank you Alex for planning this for me =] I know I gave you a lot of crap when you were pretending you weren’t planning anything O=] thank you for being wonderful and throwing me this awesome party ❤

Lastly, we’re all going to go out to dinner Monday night since I leave very early the next morning. Send me a text or comment here if you want to come! We don’t know where we’re going yet but I’ll post an update once we know.

Love you all,


I Fly Wednesday!

Good news! I’ve got a standby ticket and should be able to fly out this Wednesday!

All of this has felt so surreal the last few weeks… I’ve been going through the motions and getting ready to leave but it wasn’t fully sinking it. When my Mom told me this morning that her flight attendant friend looked at flight information and said this Wednesday should work it really hit me!

In less than 1week I will no longer be in California anymore…. my first reaction was “I’m so sad!!!!” I’m very excited to go see my relatives and to start a new life in France, but I’m also really going to miss California! I’ve lived here for 10 years; California has become home!

I'm really excited, but also really sad

It feels very bitter-sweet.

This means you all need to hurry up if you still want to see me! I’m free Saturday afternoon and Sunday in San Jose and then will come back to Livermore/Pleasanton Tuesday, if not Monday.

Success! I Passed My Last Exam!

I’m very happy to announce that I have finally passed my last exam! The first time I took it, I missed it by a few points–so disappointing =/ San Jose State University managed to mess something else up with my paperwork so I need to turn a form in again, but I will soon be receiving my diploma!!

Ah sweet, sweet success =D

This means than I am now finally ready to get my plane ticket to France. Can you guys believe that I still haven’t bought it?! According to my mom’s friend, the flight attendant who is helping me get a standby ticket in business class (yes! 3 suitcases here I come! =] ), we don’t need to rush since it’s easy to get standby tickets at the last minute, but I’m still getting a little impatient.

Hopefully, my next post will be announcing which day I’m leaving for France. And of course I’ll continue to keep everyone updated about when I’m free to catch up. There are still many people I haven’t had a chance to see yet!

Speaking of which, I’m free for dinner tonight (Tuesday night) so send me a text if you’d like to grab dinner =]

Counting Down the Last Few Weeks.

My gosh time flies so quickly! I now only have about 2 weeks left until I leave for France. I waxed on and on sentimentally about everything I’m going to miss in my last entry… so let’s be a little more optimistic and proactive today!

As excited as I am to return to France... I'm still sad that soon I won't see all my beloved friends anymore

Here are my plans for the next few weeks. Please take a look so you have some idea regarding when I will be in San Jose or Livermore–this will really help me schedule when to hang out with all of you guys (hey, let’s face it, I don’t have all of your class and work schedules memorized so take a look and help me schedule!) I think the SJSU Homecoming Game is this Saturday at 1pm so I’ll be at the tail gate starting around 10 or 11am if you want to see me there.

I am coming back to San Jose tomorrow (Thursday, September 8th) and plan on being in town until next Tuesday (the 13th.) At that point, I will go back to Livermore for a few days. I’m not completely sure whether I will spend the weekend of September 16-18 in San Jose or Livermore yet… my guess as of now is that I will most likely drive back and forth between both cities a few times during that weekend since it sounds like a lot will be happening!

I have not gotten my plane ticket yet (anyone shocked?) My mother’s friend is a flight attendant and said she would help us get a special ticket. Get this, I’ll get to fly in business class and have 3 suitcases (yeay! enough to pack most of my life into!) and all I have to do is fly standby =D I told her I want to leave the week of September 19th and she should get back to us soon with the dates she can get me a flight.

I’ll let everyone know once I finally have my ticket and my departure time is finalized (well, as finalized as it can be in standby anyway.) There may also be a “surprise” (O=] ) going-away party in the works… so if anyone wants to get information I suggest you contact Alex to make sure you can come. And don’t hesitate! I want to see everyone before I leave!

I’m Going to Miss CA So Much!!!!

As time has been passing the date of my departure has been coming ever closer… and as excited as I am to return to beautiful France I’m starting to get really sad! The truth is that I’m going to miss all of you guys terribly =/

This move is something that I really need to do though… but before I leave I will at least give you the satisfaction of seeing just how much I’m going to miss all of you! So here is a list of the things I’m going to miss most from California.

  1. My wonderful friends. I  must be insane to leave such an amazing bunch behind! I feel so fortunate to have met all of you. You’re young, bright, curious about the world and so much fun to spend time with! I truly wish you all the best and hope you will come visit me in Paris or that we will meet in Europe when you travel.
  2. My family. I think my family would have killed me if I hadn’t included them at the top of this list =] I know I haven’t spent much time at home the last few years as my life started to revolve more and more around university life, but i love you Mom and Dad and Will ❤
  3. My cats! Haha this may sound a little silly to many people… but I really love my cats! Those cuddly, silly little creatures cuddle with me in bed at night and play with me every day. I’m going to miss taking them on walks and listening to them purr while I pet them.

    This is Turkey

    and this is Little Shit

  4. The sunshine. California has amazing weather! I love nothing more than the wonderful feeling of sunshine on my skin… and it’s not very sunny in France. Guess I’ll just have to come visit and get a tan.
  5. Scenery. The landscape and scenery in California are gorgeous. Hiking here is the best! There are beautiful woods in France so I guess I’ll have to substitute for strolls.

I thought I should keep this list short so I’ll stop here. The point is, California is amazing and I will miss it and all my friends and family here dearly. Please come visit me in Paris and bring a little sunshine with you!

I’m All Moved Out!!

It has been such a crazy week! I’ve been catching up with friends during the day, staying up late to pack, and spending whatever time I can find on finalizing plans for my Los Angeles trip.

First things first, in less than a month I will leave sunny, beautiful California so please make sure you contact me so we can hang out and catch up one last time before I’m gone! I’ve been having a blast catching up with friends this week, but I haven’t had a chance to see everyone yet and I will miss all of you dearly =/

Helen, my best friend in high school and middle school. You better make sure I see you lots during the next 3-4 weeks missy!

Secondly, I moved today! I spent the last week or so going through my things (especially all my clothes!), deciding what I didn’t need to take with me to Paris, selling or giving away what didn’t pass the test, and organizing and packing everything that remained. Then today, finally, I loaded all of my “essentials” into a small white van, drove up to Livermore and unloaded everything into my mother’s garage.

It felt so rewarding that it only took a short while to unload everything and we didn’t have any trouble finding enough room to store it all =] All that hard work getting rid of the things I don’t need anymore really paid off! It made it much easier to move and will make it that much less difficult when I have to fit my life into 3 suitcases!

Thirdly, I’m going to LA this weekend, so I had some planning to do. As my last act as Vice President of Exchange Quality at AIESEC San Jose, I am taking our trainees to Disneyland! It took some work, but we’re going to have a lot of fun and, honestly, going on trips is the best part of taking care of trainee reception! Keep an eye out for pictures either in Saturday night’s post or on Monday after I get back.

Lastly, I’m going to be in San Jose most of this coming week but the week after that I will spend more time in Livermore and Dublin. I hope I’ll get a chance to say goodbye to all of my wonderful friends in person before I leave. I’m truly going to miss all of you so much! There may also be a going-away party in the works–I’ll keep you guys posted regarding the details!