French Café de la Presse & SF Chinatown

One of my sisters from Kappa Delta, Britney, wanted me to introduce her to authentic French restaurants in the Bay Area, and since I only know of 3 and they’re all in San Francisco, we decided to take a little trip!

I decided to take her to Café de la Presse since it’s right next to Chinatown ^^



Unfortunately the pictures came out a little dark since we were right next to a window, but here’s the yummy food we had =3

Started off with mimosas and bellinis (like a peach mimosa)


I ordered a quiche lorraine and Britney had a croque madame =3 (and mystery friend hidden in the corner had pan bagna)


We then went on a nice stroll around Chinatown ^^

The entrance to San Francisco’s Chinatown is right next to Café de la Presse!



It was decorated with pretty red lanterns =D I think they were probably left over from a festival —  don’t know what Chinese festival there was in the last month though….



Found some great street art too!



Cool huh? ^^



We were pretty full from lunch but had to stop for a free tea tasting. Make sure you stop at one of their 3 locations in SF Chinatown. The tea is great, the people are very knowledgeable and helpful, and they give you tons of extra stuff ^^ I ordered black tea and the guy gave me some chrysanthemum tea to mix in with it for free =D


Last but not least, we did “a little” shopping O=]


That’s it for now folks!

Stay tuned for Part 2: Berkeley (yeah, it was a hell of a day =] )

What an Awesome Weekend!

This post is going to be short since I still need to study for my very last exam tomorrow (I barely missed it by a few points last time!) Once I pass this last test on California government and history, I’ll finally have fulfilled all of SJSU’s GE (General Education) requirements and receive my degree.

So here is my weekend in pictures:

I went to the beach Friday. Isn't Davenport beautiful?

Grabbed some milk tea at Verde and practiced my imaginary elliptical with my friend Amanda Saturday morning

Then off to the Lunar Festival celebration in Cupertino with Brian, Tommie and Rachel

Everyone received beautiful lanterns!

Finally finished the night off with a few beers at the Yardhouse on Santana Row

I forgot to take pictures of brunch at Bill’s Cafe (I had very yummy french toast!) and dinner with the friends I went to Napa with, but I do have this:

No wonder I'm still studying for this exam... Little Shit isn't a very good tutor

By the way, I’m grabbing sushi in Campbell Monday evening with Alex, Kartik, Lei and Diemmy so let me know if anyone else wants to come!