Pictures of Rome, Pt 2

Been a little busy applying for jobs and going to interviews, but now that I’ve found a few minutes… here are the rest of my pictures of Rome!

We found this place while strolling around after lunch.

This restaurant looked so charming! Like something out of a romantic movie…

Ah Rome, columns everywhere…

This is where Alex and I had lunch!

I loved the way restaurants looked in Rome. Ended up taking pictures of more restaurants then I actually ate in XD

The architecture was gorgeous in Rome. I kind of miss it now that I’m back in the Bay Area.

I saw this and just had to take a picture for my little brother. He’s a fan of the Simpsons.

The Pantheon

Plazza Venezia

We went to the huge toy store at Plazza Venezia and found fancy Barbie dolls, my favorite board game Hotels and… a life size Garfield.

The coolest McDonald’s ever

Mozzarillo, aka McMozzarella

Pictures of Rome

After walking around the ruins of the old Rome we wandered to this beautiful Palace =]

Trevi Fountain–the Fountain of Love

Aren’t these cute?!

We found a San Francisco-themed bar near our bed and breakfast.

The Vatican

Inside one of the few parts of the Vatican you can visit:

You unfortunately can’t see it very in this picture but there was a dove in the center of this mural.

There were members of the Swiss Guard starting forward dutifully at several points.

Alex demanded I take a picture of The Vatican’s police cars. Lucky cops get to drive Alfa Romeos around. Alex was morbidly jealous…

Ever Heard of Murano?

It’s a small island right next to Venice famous for its glass work. Alex and I spent our last day in Venice there and saw some pretty cool glass!

The island of Murano

Murano’s architecture didn’t look quite like Venice’s, but the colors were similar.

Just like Venice, Murano has thin waterways going through it. Many of the restaurants were by these narrow waterways.

Some of Murano’s famous glass.

I saw this glass kitty in one of the shops and thought it was so cute! I was very tempted to buy it as a souvenir =] Still kind of regret not getting it actually…

The good old fashion way of drying sheets:

These glass ducks were  breathtaking in person! I only wish you could tell from the picture.

Another cool glass structure! These are all over the island.

Alex and I rode a boat like this from Venice to Murano and back.

It was nowhere as cool as this boat though!

Pictures of Venice, Pt 3

Last but not least, here are the last pictures from my trip to Venice!

Yup, Alex ate polenta with squid ink sauce. I kind of forgot what the sauce was on ><‘ Alex?

Chiesa Degli Scalzi

Yup, those guys were handing out flyers dressed like that!

Our hosts showed us a local restaurant with amaaazing food! Unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t very good so the pictures have a weird yellow-orange tint.

The cold cuts were delicious!

The restaurant was really nice and homey!

Recognize this market from a certain spy movie? Leave me a guess in the comments section ;D

There was even a fish market!

We had one last snack before hopping on the train to Rome: prosciutto (Italian smoked ham), deep fried olives and some fries =]

Aren’t these adorable?!

Pictures of Venice, Pt 2

As we walked around in Venice, I kept seeing people drinking what looked like a really yummy orange cocktail, so once we sat down for dinner I made sure I had a taste =] Turned out this thing was called a Venetian Spritz.

I thought it tasted a little strange (not as good as I anticipated ><‘) so I looked up what’s in a Venetian Spritz online. Turns out it’s any old white wine, some sparkling soda and then either Aperol, Select or Bitter. (Credit for the recipe: livingVENICE) I’m thinking I was probably given bitter.

We found several parks to stroll in in Venice and came across this statue too!

Pretty much every restaurant we walked by was beautifully decorated! I loved all the colors =]

One of the great things about Venice is that there’s water everywhere! This city was literally built on top of the sea. It made for some gorgeous views ^^

It seemed like everyone in Venice had a boat. Some locals even told us that sometime the city gets flooded and the only way to get around is with a boat! Definitely explains the canals/waterways that were all over the place!

Doge Palace and San Marco Church

Igreja de Santa Maria do Rosario (Church)

We saw this painting in a store. Isn’t it cute?!

Discovering Venice

Venice was absolutely gorgeous! The architecture was beautiful, the gondolas looked ever so romantic…. and the tourist traps abounded ><‘ Yeah… so Venice turned out to be rather touristy (which we pretty much expected since we did a little research online beforehand), but it was still a great stop in our trip and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to see pretty things.

3 days was a little bit too long for me though. I got bored after the first day since there wasn’t much to see (we’re young and healthy so we took advantage of our good fortune and walked around lots the first day without thinking to leave things for the next day…. oops.) It’s perfect if you’re a little less energetic and like to stroll around calmly though!

First Look: the first things we saw right outside the Venice train station =]

Great start, right? Now for the rest of the pictures… =]

I know this next pictures is a little silly, but I thought Smurfs ice cream sounded so funny! And no… I didn’t have the courage to try to the strangely-colored gelato…

I had the most delicious spaghetti carbonara EVER in Venice!!

Alex had some strange corn-shaped pasta.

The Church of San Barnaba

Pit Stop in Verona, Pt 2

Like I said last time, we only spent a few hours in Verona but I somehow managed to take A LOT of pictures… so here’s the rest! Enjoy =]

Duomo Cattedrale di Santa Maria Matricolare

Alex and I found this strange, striped cathedral while walking around randomly. We were surprised how much cool stuff we always just seemed to find magically whenever we simply walked around aimlessly.

Everything inside the cathedral was just awe-inspiring!

A few more pictures of sights we found strolling around (Hint: slide your mouse over each picture to see comments and descriptions, and click on them to see them in full size.)