Cool Store in Santa Cruz!

I took a trip to Santa Cruz the other day and discovered THE coolest store: Herb Room!!

It’s got tons of holistic medicinal cremes and even homeopathy and “magic Chinese oil” (my personal pet name for it — it really is magical!)

Let’s just say I’m in love ❤



This place is chock full of cool stuff!!



Herbs, …..… candles, …

… even incense!

And now to satisfy the consumer in all of us O=] …

This stuff smelled amazing! And felt even nicer on my skin ^^



This stuff truly is magic. It cures muscle pain, tendon strains, stomach aches… any kind of pain really!



They even have homeopathic ointments here!! =D This stuff was the best — my Mom put is on my bruises when I was a little kid (and boy did I get a lot of them ><;)Last but not least, this stuff is amazing for panic attacks!


And there you have it folks!

Come wander around in this cool store and have some yummy free tea =3





Hong Kong’s Lantau Big Buddha, Part 2

My trip around Eurasia with Alex was absolutely amazing! 5 whole weeks of wandering around Paris, Barcelona, Munich, Salzburg, Florence, Venice, Rome, Ephesus, Istanbul and Hong Kong! Alas, all good things must come to an end, and I am finally about to post the very large pictures from this trip! I wish I had taken more photos in Hong Kong. There are so many cool things I’d love to show you guys… but I started getting a little lazy after 4 weeks of endless walking and picture-snapping. Do google markets in Hong Kong though ;D Like the girls’ market! Now, without further adieu: a few more pictures of Lantau Big Buddha in Hong Kong.

The Big Buddha

The top of the hill where the Big Buddha rests was sooo beautiful!! =]

Tian Tian Buddha Garden Commemorative Plate This is the view that motivates you as you climb the stairs up to the tippy top. The Tippy Top I think I’m getting a little better at capturing cool images O=] Back down the stairs to the hill…. There was a Buddhist temple up there too =] Alex bought and lit some incense to pray for his ancestors. One last shot of the Buddha Alex got mad at me for trying to feed one of the cows O=] That’s it for now folks! I’ve got plans to go back to Asia for winter vacation but until then you’ll just have to settle for startup talk and fun California adventures! (Hint: I went back to Napa ^^)