Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace

This is one of the touristy spots Alex and I made sure to check out during our trip (that and the Hagia Sophia–can’t miss that!) I don’t remember much of the history behind Topkapi Palace since it’s been 2 months now since we were there (yeah, I know. I’m falling behind!) You can, however, click on the link above to find  nifty site with tons of info!

Let’s start with some pictures right outside the palace.


A Turkish Guard!!! (Notice his cool knife and scabbard–I got a small one for one of my best friends =] )

The Entrance

Gardens Inside (there were cats running around ^.^)


Everything was ornamented beautifully with gold and intricate patterns.


I think this may have been the room where Ottoman Sultans received guests (kind of like court, for business.)


I was thoroughly impressed by the ceilings O=]


This just looked cool…


The palace was full of beautiful gardens tourists walked through to go from building to building.


There was a reaaaaally long line to get into this place. I don’t remember what the chambers were used for but the whole place was like a museum. There were cases inside the walls with old memorabilia for people to look at: intricately decorated weapons, books…


This terrace was beautiful and so sunny. It felt really nice just relaxing outside!



I love how graceful these arches look. Turkish architecture is just gorgeous!


The blue and gold is such a great color pairing ^^


We took one last picture inside the garden (and played with a cute, friendly kitty!) before heading out.


Castle of Versailles, Part 1

I took Alex to the castle of Versailles ^^ I was born in what used to be part of the castle and grew up nearby, so I thought he’d like to visit it =] Plus, it’s one of the most beautiful places in France. Enjoy!

We entered through one of the side entrances into the park.

The gardens are huge and have several lakes, even a canal!

The Chapel Louis 14th had built. He was very pious and felt one could not put a price on worshipping God.

The ceilings were decorated with beautiful paintings.