The Waimea Valley Botanical Garden and Hike

On our second day, we decided to adventure into the botanical gardens next door (alright, but they were only a 5-minute drive away. That still counts!)

DSC01946DSC01866 DSC01872

Matt showing off his dorky camera hat!


DSC01875 DSC01876


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There were wild roosters everywhere!


And we even saw a peacock!

DSC01926 DSC01932


Don’t Know What to Do This Weekend? Have Sosh Recommend!

Just happened to stumble upon Sosh (while sourcing, what else?) today, and was sure my fellow urbanites would love it too!

Boyfriend just moved up to SF last weekend so we have lots of discovering to do: where all the yummy brunch places are, the best hiking trails, are there tennis courts in SF??? I have a feeling Sosh is going to be great for those days we have no clue what to do though.

It has this nifty little home page with personalized recommendations

It has this nifty little home page with personalized recommendations

Or if I have some idea what I want, I can go search a category. Bocce and bouncy houses anyone?

Wine & Bocce Ball

Wine & Bocce Ball

Release your inner child!

Release your inner child!

Hope this start up sticks around! How else would I find cool events like this?

I know what I'm doing this weekend ; )

I know what I’m doing this weekend ; )