Ever Heard of Murano?

It’s a small island right next to Venice famous for its glass work. Alex and I spent our last day in Venice there and saw some pretty cool glass!

The island of Murano

Murano’s architecture didn’t look quite like Venice’s, but the colors were similar.

Just like Venice, Murano has thin waterways going through it. Many of the restaurants were by these narrow waterways.

Some of Murano’s famous glass.

I saw this glass kitty in one of the shops and thought it was so cute! I was very tempted to buy it as a souvenir =] Still kind of regret not getting it actually…

The good old fashion way of drying sheets:

These glass ducks were  breathtaking in person! I only wish you could tell from the picture.

Another cool glass structure! These are all over the island.

Alex and I rode a boat like this from Venice to Murano and back.

It was nowhere as cool as this boat though!