Yummy, Healthy Fare in Palo Alto

Went on my 2nd Dishcrawl Sunday night! This one was all about healthy eating, and even better, it was free since One Medical sponsored it =D

I didn’t think to take very many pictures of the restaurants, but here are some of the delicious food we got to taste =3

The evening started with sparkling champagne at the One Medical office in Palo Alto

Walked by this gorgeous old house on the way to our first restaurant

We started with bbq pulled pork sliders, grilled prawns and quinoa at The Patio, a sports bar with healthy eating options.

Not so healthy, but definitely yummy, we also got a free cocktail at The Patio! My choice? A pineapple vodka.

Smiling faces at our next stop, Lyfe Kitchen.

Chicken salad, margharita bread and corn chowder, nom!

Papaya salad, egg roll, pot sticker and pork shumai at our last stop: Tai Pan.

We were having so much fun we decided to extend our evening and get gelato at Gelato Classico — amazing stuff!

What now? I really want to attend the Spur bicycle tour Dishcrawl Sunday Novembner 4th =] Who’s coming with me?!

Spur Bicycle Dishcrawl! (Click on me to be taken to the page w/more info, to purchase tickets, etc.)

Dishcrawl — The Funnest Way to Try Out the Best Santana Row Has to Offer

I tried out 4 new restaurants in Santana Row Monday night! Oh, and I only paid $40 ;D

Such is the beauty of Dishcrawl =] You get to try out appetizers, dishes and desserts at restaurants famous for certain specialties without dishing out the big bucks. I love it!

The evening got off to a good start with a lovely stroll around Santana Row — the rich sure know how to do spectacular decor!

And now, for the food =3 Check out the delectable dishes I got to try out!

First, we all met at LB Steak*

There, we were treated to…

Tuna sashimi bruschetta and breaded eggplant with goat cheese

And potato chips made from roots! By far the tastiest chips I’ve ever had =3

Root chips

Next, we walked over to El Jardin.



Sangria & margaritas


Tilapia ceviche

Don’t remember what these were called ><;

Then on to Rosie McCann’s for some hearty Irish food!


Roasted portobello mushroom, fish & chips, and a slider =3

Last, but not least, we ended on a sweet note at the Olin Avenue Market =]


Know what the best part is? There’s one of these babies at least once a week! Check out their website to find one near you and go taste some amazing food =3 I’m considering the Cognac Tasting and Food Pairing one ;D

*I “borrowed” (winking, wink) most of these pictures from Dishcrawl’s Facebook album since they turned out so much better than the ones I took O=] Credits go to the wonderful Ms. Cindy Garcia.