It’s Good to be On Vacation!

I’ve been covering a lot of startups lately, so I thought my friends from back home might like to read what I’ve been up to =]

This first week of vacation has been pretty awesome:

  1. I’ve begun learning how to code on Codecademy. I’d been meaning to learn for months and finally have the time to learn ^^ Codecademy likes to gamify this and turn it into a competition, so start learning how to code and add me as a friend on there so we can compare who’s learning more quickly =p (For francophones, Le Site du Zéro is supposed to be pretty awesome too ;D)
  2. A French business angel asked me to interview a startup he invested in (I was flattered he thought being interviewed for my blog is a good use of time for Whoozer–keep your eyes peeled for the article ❤ )
  3. I went on a photo shoot today. Nope, I’m not going into modeling (maybe plus size?) but I did have a lot of fun =] I’ll post a link once it’s ready and tell you more about the peppy, adorable entrepreneur who took them soon
  4. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and sun-tanning. It was about time I got rid of my ghostly paleness! (My boss used to tell me I should go to a tanning booth XD) So far, I’ve tried out the Jardins du Luxembourg, but I’ve still got 2 weeks to check out Paris’ best reading spots and, more importantly, plan a few touristy things to do before I leave.

    Les jardins du luxembourg

There was a band playing there later that day, and a small shop that sold amaaaaazing ice cream--I recommend pear =3

Oh, and I also discovered the most American hamburger joint in Paris, Blend. Of course I forgot to take pictures until I left, but check these out (click on each picture to see where I found it.)

The restaurant

Doesn't the inside look neat? Click on this picture to go to "Lost in Cheeseland's" article about Blend, they have tons of great pix!

Oh yes, they have great decor and they serve Gallia, the only beer brewed in Paris!

Did I mention they also serve sweet potato fries ;D

——————————————————————————————————————–Project Happy: I got to see my grandmother today =] it was bitter sweet since she’s pretty sick, but we still enjoyed spending some much needed time together!

Tell me about what made you happy today!

Mash-Up 5 Startup Sneak Peek

I’m bummed I’m not attending Mash-Up #5 tonight, but I’m sick and need to rest and that’s that =/ It doesn’t mean I can’t be there in spirit though so, without further adieu… let me introduce you to the startups I thought had a little “je ne sais quoi”

The Ladies’ Choice: Cinélov’

They unfortunately don’t have a website, but boy did these ladies stumble upon a good idea! They organize outdoor movie screenings (nothing too innovative yet) where (wait for it!) viewers must pedal on bikes in order to power the projector. Neat!! I get to watch a movie AND burn off that ice cream? Sign me up ^^

For the Poor College Student: Voodiz

Don’t have the money to travel? No problem! Simply go on Voodiz, find a fellow student to host to make yourself a few $$, and then go get hosted yourself! And to get started on your adventure, like them on Facebook.










Socialite’s Dream: Wakizz

Dream in tweets and Facebook likes, posts and shares? Flustered by the modicum of modes of expression on Facebook? Fear no more, Wakizz is here. You can now play referee and give your “friends” cards: red, yellow or green. Like we really needed another way of expressing ourselves ><‘ ::facepalm::





For the Beer-Hungry (Thirsty?): Gallia

Did you know that, up until recently, Paris was one of the few European capitals not to have its own beer? Such was the sad, sad case when Gallia disappeared in the 60’s. Frenchmen everywhere can square their shoulders and hold their heads high once more though, thanks to these gentlemen.

For the Artist in All of Us: Sound Connection

Music is all about sound and performance, so  how are you supposed to find band mates without both of those elements? Sound Connection goes straight to the heart of the issue: once their site is completed, they will have a sort of visual, auditory Craigslist for the French music community. Neato.