Napa, Round 2!!

My amazing friends David and Renee not only took me to Napa once before I moved to Paris,  but a second time when I got back too!! ^^ Thank you guys. You two are the absolute best!! ❤

Cosentino Winery




Amazingly enough, Cosentino Winery makes their own honey!! =3



Beringer is the only winery from the first we went back to. I had to get some more of their delicious sweet wine, Nightingale ^^

The CIA (Culinary Institute of America)



From left to right: David, Isabela and Renee

Freemark Abbey



Sterling Winery

One of the coolest wineries we visited was Sterling. It was kind of like skiing. We took a lift all the way up to the top of the mountain.





We got to take a walking tour of the winery while sipping wine there. We had some cab, chardonnay…




At one point we wandered onto this nice terrace with a gorgeous view of the valley. Unfortunately, my photography isn’t to the point where I was able to take a picture that did it justice though =/




The view from the lift on the way back down.



We found this gorgeous spot once we got back on the ground =]


I even found a swan ^^