French Café de la Presse & SF Chinatown

One of my sisters from Kappa Delta, Britney, wanted me to introduce her to authentic French restaurants in the Bay Area, and since I only know of 3 and they’re all in San Francisco, we decided to take a little trip!

I decided to take her to Café de la Presse since it’s right next to Chinatown ^^



Unfortunately the pictures came out a little dark since we were right next to a window, but here’s the yummy food we had =3

Started off with mimosas and bellinis (like a peach mimosa)


I ordered a quiche lorraine and Britney had a croque madame =3 (and mystery friend hidden in the corner had pan bagna)


We then went on a nice stroll around Chinatown ^^

The entrance to San Francisco’s Chinatown is right next to Café de la Presse!



It was decorated with pretty red lanterns =D I think they were probably left over from a festival —  don’t know what Chinese festival there was in the last month though….



Found some great street art too!



Cool huh? ^^



We were pretty full from lunch but had to stop for a free tea tasting. Make sure you stop at one of their 3 locations in SF Chinatown. The tea is great, the people are very knowledgeable and helpful, and they give you tons of extra stuff ^^ I ordered black tea and the guy gave me some chrysanthemum tea to mix in with it for free =D


Last but not least, we did “a little” shopping O=]


That’s it for now folks!

Stay tuned for Part 2: Berkeley (yeah, it was a hell of a day =] )

A Hug for a Coke

Hold on to your seats people! We’re entering the era of alternate commerce. You will now pay for food with hugs =]

Well, at least your cokes….

Cute huh? It’s Coke’s latest publicity stunt, Open Happiness ^^ Wonder if they’re going to bring any to the US…. for now they’re only in Asia.

On Great Contest Ideas

I have to invite her, but where?

I stumbled upon something awesome today! Ben & Fakto (French startup I wrote about in my first Mash Up post) is giving away 3 bags of Deexies condoms for Valentine’s Day. Deexies is a social business that gives away a free condom to an NGO for each condom bought. With problems such as HIV and other STDs infecting millions in developing countries each year, what better way to enjoy some naughty fun than by having a clear conscience?

To help them in their selfless endeavor, Ben & Fakto will give away 3 10-count bags on Valentine’s Day to whoever posts the best photos. Here’s the deal: Fakto fell in love with a girl but has gotten trapped in the undesirable friend zone. Ben, loyal friend that he is, decided to help and is reaching out to all of you. He’s asking you to think up a romantic location where Fakto could reveal his affection to his beloved and snap a picture. Upload your picture here and get voting! The photographers who took the 3 most popular pictures will receive a cute bag of 10 Deexies condoms.

You can like Deexies on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Last week of free French lessons–prizes!

Hi French students! Thank you for attending my lessons the last few weeks. It’s been a great learning experience for me, and for you too I hope.

This week is going to be week 4, our last week. I’ve saved the best for last: Monday we’ll go over some very useful things to say when you come across a handsome Frenchman or lovely Frenchwoman.

We’re also going to schedule our last lesson. Depending on when the people who show up for Monday’s class are free, we’ll go to Taste of Paris for lunch this week to practice ordering food and making conversation with Lionel, the bakery’s French owner.

Here's a hint about the prize

There will also be a special competition and prize Monday, so make you sure review our old lessons! I’m going to ask all of you to tell me things in French, such as asking me whether I want orange juice, or that you like to eat sandwiches…

Make sure you study up and come Monday so you can win some yummy French prizes and help us decide when to go to Taste of Paris together!

Thanks again to all the friends who showed up; this has been a really fun experience for me =]

Free French Lessons! Courtesy of yours truly…

Hi everyone,

My lovely friend Eva asked me to teach her French before I move to Paris and I thought it would be nice to open this opportunity up to all of you, so starting tomorrow, Monday July 18th, I’m going to be giving Free French Lessons at SJSU!

What: Free French Lessons

When: Every Monday and Wednesday 7-9pm

Where: SJSU (see event page for updated location)

Who: anyone who wants to learn French!

Facebook Event Page:

These will be fun lessons where you will learn survival French. This means I will not bore you with unnecessary grammar and verb conjugations unless necessary and that there will be no grades, no homework, and no exams =] Instead, I will try to include as many fun activities and games as possible so come check out the Facebook event page ( and let me know whether you will attend!