Waikiki + Lookout Points In Oahu

Ala Wai Boat Harbor

DSC02099 DSC02101 DSC02103 DSC02105 

The Beach Bum Life (@ Kailua State Beach)

DSC02077 DSC02078 DSC02080 Lookout Points

DSC02084 DSC02085    DSC02096 DSC02098

WaikikiDSC02107DSC02113 DSC02115 DSC02119  DSC02126 DSC02130 DSC02132 DSC02133


The crew who took us up: we got a crazy ocean show with one of the guys hanging from the sail lines!DSC02137

Pretty sweet graffiti in Waikiki!DSC02145


Hawaii Part 1: The North Shore Airbnb

I’m finally getting around to editing and posting my photos from Hawaii! Oahu was amazing and beautiful. We did tons of fun stuff like surfing, stand up paddle boarding and hiking, but this first blog post is about the Airbnb we stayed at the first 4 days of our trip, Top Floor Pipeline Lodge on Farm (we were there for 9 whole days!).

Our first Airbnb was on the North Shore of the island, which is like the countryside – there were few restaurants, numerous food trucks (delicious!) – and wild chickens everywhere. Our Airbnb was amazing too – an organic farm with a view of the ocean!

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves though…        DSC01996 IMG_20150511_144834


IMG_20150511_144909 IMG_20150511_144929

This was our Airbnb housemate/chaperone. We named him Simba.IMG_20150511_144937 IMG_20150511_144955 IMG_20150511_145011 IMG_20150511_145021 IMG_20150511_145037 IMG_20150512_120847

Cat nap time with Simba.


This was a real organic farm with a chicken coop, vegetable garden and everything! On our first day, we got a box of delicious organic produce for $25. There was so much salad, kale, carrots, radishes, turnips and herbs in there we barely ever ate dinner out!DSC01990DSC01988

There were also huts where the owners taught neat classes like baby music class!DSC01991DSC01993

We were warned there were wild boar and goats when we met the owner, but it sounded like they hid so we had no idea we would see any!


This was the view from our patio!