A Sunny Weekend in Paris

The weather was gorgeous this weekend so I decided to walk around and take lots of pictures =] Enjoy ❤

What beats taking a nap in the nice, warm sun?

The 19th arondissement in the East of Paris

That gate opens, the water level goes down, and boats can pass right on through...

Kinda wanted to run through that fountain!

What do France's presidential candidates have to do with condoms? Why, dealing with the AIDS epidemic of course!

Paris so pretty ^^

Decided to go to the Eiffel Tower, just 'cuz I can =p

Ended the day with a nice bowl of beef noodles from Les pâtes vivantes.

Yum =3


A Sweet Last Day at Contract Live

As anyone who read my last blog post knows, Friday was my last day at Contract Live. Before I share pictures from my going-away party, I’d like to briefly explain the reason for my departure.

The short of it is that it just wasn’t the right startup for me. My bosses and I agreed that someone else would be a better match for the startup and the position, so we’re leaving on very good terms =]

This was a very interesting first experience working in France: I got a great introduction into French startups, learned a lot about how things work here, and had a very intelligent boss to learn all sorts of things from. It may not be the best place for me, but I definitely don’t perceive it as time wasted and will keep some nice memories!

So now it’s time to get back out there and look for work =] Do let me know if you hear of any Bay Area startups looking for someone to come in and help with comm., social media and e-marketing, amongst other things O=]

I’m still waiting on pictures (and videos ;D) to come in from coworkers, but here’s a sneak peak and I’ll update this post once I have everything.

I hid Kinder Surprise (Yum!) eggs all over our office for everyone to find in an early Easter celebration! There was one hidden in the printer O=D

Bowser laid an egg!

Project Happy: I have 2 moments to share from today.

1.) I had tons of fun riding on the back of a friend’s motorcycle all over Paris. We drove alongside the Seine River to go to the Eiffel Tower =]

2.) That same friend told me I seemed like an energetic, smart kid and that I’d be going places, so he’d like me to hit him up when I decide to start my own business (I’m sooo flattered he thinks I have so much potential and have what it takes to create my own startup <3)

What about you? Tell me about a nice moment you had today =]

Showing Japanese Friends Around Paris

Some friends from Japan came to visit Paris this weekend, so here are some of the pictures from our trip yesterday =]

Père Lachaise

Takuya found a really cool vintage camera right outside the cemetery =]

Flea Market by Père Lachaise

Sacré Coeur

You can only see about half the stairs we climbed up to get to Sacré Coeur

The view from the top of the butte MontMartre--ah, Paris. Always so gray...

The carousel in Montmartre

The coolest gift in the gift shop!

Dinner at the quartier Chatelet--Yup, apparently we have huge beers in France too...

Dinner at the quartier Chatelet--hhmm cassolette =3

We ended the day at a club for a friend’s birthday party, but of course I forgot to take pictures O=]

Have You Discovered Ouishbox?

I sure have =] and it’s fun!

Confession: like a good many girls, I am embarrassingly vain and love nothing more than finding a good picture of myself. Nothing? Heh, I could make an exception. Ouishbox, created by French agency Trouveurs d’Idées, makes looking at pictures of myself even funner!

The image format (how the Ouishbox transforms the image you give it) doesn’t change, but it still makes for some pretty cool-lookin’ pix…

Like any good ol’ cat lady, I just had to make one of my cats too O=]

P.S.: too over the top? Or am I on my way to developing humor people can actually appreciate? XD