Pedro’s, the Cool Bar / Restaurant Down the Street From Work

I discovered the coolest place upon joining Astreya. Pretty much every week, my recruiting colleagues go out for drinks and free food at Pedro’s Restaurant & Cantina.


This place is so chill! The outside is super pretty and you see local engineers from Intel and whatnot hanging out outside, taking in some sun with their dogs.

I really love how this place looks. I’ve never been to Mexico, but I imagine this must be what rich people’s homes in Mexico must look like (wonder where I get that from — Zorro maybe?)


The inside is really well decorated too! Check out the lobby…



I kind of forgot to take pictures of the free buffet (there are animal style fries in there, some chicken wings…. ) but here’s the bar instead!
This place is great for cheap drinks with coworkers after you get off! And their margaritas are only ~$5 on Wednesdays O=] (they have strawberry margaritas! Yum =3)



Found an Awesome Brunch Place in SF: Bullitt

I went out to Ruby Sky for the Kaskade after party last weekend and one of my coworkers who lives nearby took us to the coolest brunch places the next morning: Bullit.


This place is located on Russian Hill up in SF and is just the coolest joint to get brunch after a good night of dancing / partying! They play hip music, serve cocktails (silly me… I tried to get hot chocolate — they don’t have any!)



I ended up with a grapefruit mimosa (which was delicious!! =3) and the food was great too! Check out their menu:


I’m a sucker for eggs benedict so I just had to try it… and boy, I was not disappointed! =3 Definitely check this place out next time you’re up in SF ❤