Chevreuse’s Château de la Madeleine

**Forgot I still had this in my drafts ><‘ Wait just a little longer for pictures of Barcelona**

Alex and I went to see my maternal grandparents one last time before I go on my big trip and move back to California.

Alex nommed on my granny's special potatoes. He keeps saying other potatoes just aren't as good =3

I took the opportunity to take him up to Chevreuse’s castle, le Château de la Madeleine, which my grandpa says used to belong to the Knights Templar.

Sign to the Château de la Madeleine

The Château de la Madeleine

The view from this high point is pretty sweet

Alex really liked climbing up onto the wall...

Chevreuse's chapel, as seen from the Château de la Madeleine's wall

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Alex and I went to Chevreuse to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday today. There was snow everywhere! It was so beautiful ^^ but I fell asleep on the couch in the afternoon and didn’t get to go out on a walk ><‘

Happy birthday Grandpa!

That vanilla chestnut cake was so yummy =3

This one was almond and meringue

Lemoncello to top it all off...

... but I was pooped and passed out on the couch.