Fancy & Easy French-Inspired Appetizer

My last few posts have been about recruiting so it seemed like a good time to break things up with a recipe =]

The finished product

The finished product

This one is inspired by a delicious French appetizer my mother makes with foie gras, but this is a little easier (and cheaper ;D)

What you’ll need (based on servings at Trader Joe’s):

  1. One bag of pitted, dried plums
  2. 2 packages of prosciutto
  3. 2 – 3 small goat cheeses (or 1 long loaf)
  4. Tooth picks (one box is plenty)

And now for the steps!

First, cut prosciutto in half to avoid wallet obliteration

First, cut prosciutto in half to avoid wallet obliteration

All you need to do is cut your slices of prosciutto lengthwise (hot dog style), put goat cheese inside each pitted prune, wrap the slice of prosciutto around and use a tooth pick to secure it all.

Present as you wish =]



Last week I went to this amazing Ethiopian restaurant called Café Rehoboth with my friend Mara. I was so excited — I hadn’t had Ethiopian food in almost a year!!



Before we get into food… Let’s take a sneak peek inside =]



This place is so cozy! It’s decorated really ethnically — it’s a lot of fun checking all the deco out while you wait for your food.



The owner was so sweet and helpful! I always forget what everything is called ><‘ (maybe Mara will leave a few hints in the comments section? O=] ) but it was all so delicious! I always love Ethiopian food =3 The sour bread and meat / veggies always taste so good!!