A Few Last Pictures of Paris

I’ve already spent 2 days in Barcelona and arrived in Munich today, but my uncle took great care of Alex and me and kept us super busy so I’ve fallen a little behind. Before I start posting pictures of Spain and Germany, let me share a few last pictures of Paris. I took these on my last day (except the sushi, taken at a dinner with friends the night before.)

Go to Tokyo on avenue Parmentier for pretty decent sushi in Paris (at a very reasonable price.)

Alex had sashimi

and I had chirashi.

Before heading to the airport, we walked around Chatelet (in the center of Paris) in the rain.

This is the Tour Saint-Jacques. It stands tall in the middle of its own little park.

This is part of a fountain in the middle of a square near the tower. You can find Egyptian style art in several places in Paris such as the Obelisk at place de la Concorde.

Last, but not least, the Arc de Triomphe.

Showing Japanese Friends Around Paris

Some friends from Japan came to visit Paris this weekend, so here are some of the pictures from our trip yesterday =]

Père Lachaise

Takuya found a really cool vintage camera right outside the cemetery =]

Flea Market by Père Lachaise

Sacré Coeur

You can only see about half the stairs we climbed up to get to Sacré Coeur

The view from the top of the butte MontMartre--ah, Paris. Always so gray...

The carousel in Montmartre

The coolest gift in the gift shop!

Dinner at the quartier Chatelet--Yup, apparently we have huge beers in France too...

Dinner at the quartier Chatelet--hhmm cassolette =3

We ended the day at a club for a friend’s birthday party, but of course I forgot to take pictures O=]