I’m Going to Miss CA So Much!!!!

As time has been passing the date of my departure has been coming ever closer… and as excited as I am to return to beautiful France I’m starting to get really sad! The truth is that I’m going to miss all of you guys terribly =/

This move is something that I really need to do though… but before I leave I will at least give you the satisfaction of seeing just how much I’m going to miss all of you! So here is a list of the things I’m going to miss most from California.

  1. My wonderful friends. I  must be insane to leave such an amazing bunch behind! I feel so fortunate to have met all of you. You’re young, bright, curious about the world and so much fun to spend time with! I truly wish you all the best and hope you will come visit me in Paris or that we will meet in Europe when you travel.
  2. My family. I think my family would have killed me if I hadn’t included them at the top of this list =] I know I haven’t spent much time at home the last few years as my life started to revolve more and more around university life, but i love you Mom and Dad and Will ❤
  3. My cats! Haha this may sound a little silly to many people… but I really love my cats! Those cuddly, silly little creatures cuddle with me in bed at night and play with me every day. I’m going to miss taking them on walks and listening to them purr while I pet them.

    This is Turkey

    and this is Little Shit

  4. The sunshine. California has amazing weather! I love nothing more than the wonderful feeling of sunshine on my skin… and it’s not very sunny in France. Guess I’ll just have to come visit and get a tan.
  5. Scenery. The landscape and scenery in California are gorgeous. Hiking here is the best! There are beautiful woods in France so I guess I’ll have to substitute for strolls.

I thought I should keep this list short so I’ll stop here. The point is, California is amazing and I will miss it and all my friends and family here dearly. Please come visit me in Paris and bring a little sunshine with you!