KitTea, Where Cat and Tea Lovers Meet

Phelps discovering the wonders of tea.

Phelps discovering the wonders of tea.

First of all, thank you very much to the many friends who heard about KitTea, immediately thought of me, and sent me links to articles.

So what’s all this hullabaloo about KitTea KitTeaanywho? Sometime in summer of 2014, San Francisco will follow the example of cat lovers and tea afficionados in Japan and finally get its very own cat cafe.

A huge shout out to Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky, the founders, for working with local animals shelters to help cafe patrons adopt felines they develop a special bond with.

I’ll definitely be getting in line to sip some tea, nibble on sandwiches, and make some new purry friends once this place opens up!

KitTea has gotten a very nice amount of press already – check out these articles and their website to find out more:
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Here Comes KitTea, San Francisco’s First Cat Cafe [Eater SF]

Recruiting Lols, Episode 1: I want to code dinosaurs

I wanted to share the small little recruiting-oriented things that just brighten my day and figured the rest of you would get a kick out of it too.

To developers (especially the ones at Google, Zynga, AirBnb et co.) recruiters and sourcers must really seem like fruit flies. They come as soon as you find a nice, juicy piece of fruit and just won’t buzz off.

One more email and I WILL claw you!

I’ve seen some super nice, some passive aggressive, and some outright pissed off messages and attempts at letting us know they’d just like to be left alone and, even though the nice ones are nice, the funny ones are just glorious.

Thought it would only be appropriate to share one of those funny “buzz off” warnings as the first installment of my “Recruiting Lols” series. This was found on a LinkedIn profile.

Enjoy ;D

“In terms of job solicitations, I am only interested in positions that involve leveraging massive computational systems for the sole purpose of genetically engineering a dinosaur. I don’t have a specific preference for which species, or if it’s carnivorous or herbivorous.” 

~Anonymous Big Tech Company Engineer

Kitty Day Care!

Have you missed Phelps as much as you missed me?

Phelps went to kitty day care for the very first time yesterday! Well… kind of. I spent the day with him at my boyfriend’s place while my apartment building was being treated for cockroaches. (Yuck, I know!)

He had a grand old day exploring ALL stories of my baby’s apartment…

He found a great view from the balcony

Phelps even tried to get into the washing machine! Could be a great alternative to kitty shampoos in my bathtub XD

He did a little trapeze act for me….


And finally passed out on the roommate’s chair ❤


It’s a Cat’s Life

… shenanigans and all!

For exercise, I like to fetch hair scrunchies. Who said fetching’s only for dogs?!

What I really love though, is knocking water and cups all over the floor

Oh, and rolling all the toilet paper out!

I’m so adorable… That’s how I get away with all of it!

Wreaking havoc is hard work!

But nothing a good nap and stretch won’t fix ;D