St. Patrick’s Day, California Style

I recently realized that, with all of my articles on resumes and interviews… I just haven’t been posting about all of my adventures and travels anymore.

So, to the many friends I’ve had the pleasure of making all of the world, sorry!

And here’s a step in the right direction ❤

We have our very own Dublin in California, and, like their namesake, they like to feel the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day! Dublin, Ca put on a 2-day fair of their own, complete with a parade on Saturday. I unfortunately couldn’t drive there on Saturday, but I did get to go enjoy the festivities Sunday.

Following, a few feature snippets:

Ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, ands other rides aside, one of the funnest parts of the fair was… what would I call it… an outdoor mall? There was a whole section full of small stands selling diverse wares, not unlike a Renaissance Faire, come to think of it.

Custom made birdhouses!

Custom made birdhouses!

Click on me for larger view

I have to admit I really loved the animal puppets and mini-purses =]

Animal PuppetsMini-purses

The best part of the fair was undoubtedly the live entertainment though! Dublin hired and flew out Celtica, an Irish rock band, all the way from Ireland!



Think American rock bands rock hard? Check their female vocalist out.

Can you juggle fire balls?

Can you juggle fire balls?

Want to give them a listen?

Delicious, Affordable Spanish Tapas in Santa Clara

La Catalana España Restaurant

Tried out a great new restaurant: La Catalana España in Santa Clara.

They have an awesome menu of yummy Spanish tapas. Check out what we had!

Crunchy tomato toast with Spanish dried Serrano ham and meatballs with rice and mushrooms

Their salad (not pictured) is also very good — it’s leafy greens (no blah iceberg lettuce greens here!) with a vinaigrette style dressing.

Ended on a sweet note with a crema catalana, kind of like the Spanish version of crème brulée.

The staff is very friendly and the decor very chill. I definitely recommend it for lunch! =3

Google Tour ;D

My friend Mako, an AIESECer from Japan, is visiting the USA for the first time so my awesome friend Shirley, User Insights Analyst at Google, graciously obliged and showed us around! ^^

Here are a few pictures of the campus — enjoy ❤

Google Headquarters in Mountain View, Ca

The gift shop sells Android cookie jars! =3

Gift Shop

There’s even a lawn filled with statues dedicated to each Android update — can you name them all?

Statues of the OSes

Ever seen a conference bike? Wonder if they use these a lot… OXD

Conference Bike!

Pedro’s, the Cool Bar / Restaurant Down the Street From Work

I discovered the coolest place upon joining Astreya. Pretty much every week, my recruiting colleagues go out for drinks and free food at Pedro’s Restaurant & Cantina.


This place is so chill! The outside is super pretty and you see local engineers from Intel and whatnot hanging out outside, taking in some sun with their dogs.

I really love how this place looks. I’ve never been to Mexico, but I imagine this must be what rich people’s homes in Mexico must look like (wonder where I get that from — Zorro maybe?)


The inside is really well decorated too! Check out the lobby…



I kind of forgot to take pictures of the free buffet (there are animal style fries in there, some chicken wings…. ) but here’s the bar instead!
This place is great for cheap drinks with coworkers after you get off! And their margaritas are only ~$5 on Wednesdays O=] (they have strawberry margaritas! Yum =3)



Ca Adventures, Episode 1: Gilroy Garlic Festival

Since I’m leaving California in 2 months and don’t know when I’ll be back, I thought it would be a good idea to try to see as much as I can before I leave. I’ve already been to Yosemite, Tahoe, San Diego, and spent more time than I care to admit showing friends and relatives around in San Francisco, but there are still a few places I would like to visit (like Napa Valley!)

So here’s to checking off one of the places on my list: California’s famous Gilroy Garlic Festival.

I actually got very lucky with this one– Bath Fitter scheduled me to work there 2 days this weekend. During my breaks from telling people about the wonders of one-day bath remodeling, I explored the festival, ate yummy food, and wandered through the alleys of small shops.

For your reading enjoyment, here are the 5 things that made my days interesting:

  1. Garlic hats! People kept walking by with funny  hats that look like garlic on their heads.
  2. Roasted corn drowned in garlic butter. Yum!
  3. The mist tent: a haven of shade and mist. Refreshing, relaxing, and energizing, definitely a festival-visiter favorite =]
  4. Frozen fruit covered in molten chocolate and dipped in peanuts. Apricots, strawberries, bananas and even pineapple–I would go back to the festival for these alone.
  5. And last but not least, the hall of treasures. A maze of stands selling everything from cowboy hats to maki sushi kits to flat bottles, I almost got lost in there!

This was definitely the funnest event I have worked at as of yet. I unfortunately was unable to take pictures since my camera died, but not to worry, check out the Festival’s official photo center:

My only regret? I didn’t eat any garlic ice cream.

Now tell me, what’s the coolest thing you’ve seen at or heard about the Gilroy Garlic Festival? And what other places do you recommend I visit before I leave?