Kuyam, the New Personal Organizer/Assistant

Doesn’t that just say it all? We’re all super busy and service providers haven’t all figured out how to fit in this complicated landscape. In comes kuyam! (which means “a meeting place where we can come together” in chumash in case you were wondering =] )

Much more than just a platform where you can schedule hair appointments, workouts and doctors’ visits, kuyam also lets you sync your calendar with friends and family. I don’t need to go on and on about the value of knowing when people are going to be free when you schedule activities to do together or schedule an appointment for them, do I?

As if that wasn’t enough, kuyam also helps you discover local non-profit and for-profit companies!

And one last cool thing? Their visuals are just adorable!

Did I mention Jackie drew me a caricature in 2 min flat?


Project Happy: today I saw a little girl on a scooter with her dad. It was so cute I couldn’t help but smile =]

What made you happy today?

Updated Schedule for the Coming Week(end)

Hey everyone! I love that I’ve been able to spend time with so many of my amazing friends over the last week or so but there are still so many of you I haven’t had the chance to catch up with yet! My last entry was a little broad so here is a much more detailed outline of my plans for the upcoming weekend and week.

This weekend:

Friday (today)–I’m going to the beach this afternoon (yes, I am writing this earlier in the day) and would really love to go clubbing tonight! As of now my plans are in the air but definitely text me or comment on this entry/my Facebook if you’d like to go!

Saturday–in the morning I’m going to be at SJSU’s Homecoming game tailgate until 12:30 or so. I’m spending the afternoon with my dad and brother and can’t remember whether I have anything planned in the evening. I’ll be coming back to SJ so hit me up if you’d like to catch up Satuday evening (and please leave a comment here so others know whether I’ll still be free Saturday evening! ❤ )

Sunday–I feel like I have something planned during the day but can’t remember… please let me know if we made plans and I forgot! I’m cooking dinner with the Lo’s so I’ll be busy after 6pm or so but message if you’d like to hang out before then.

Brian, Kartik and Alex–we’re supposed to go get sushi for dinner before I leave. We need to schedule this soon before we run out of time!

Next week:

Monday– I’m taking an exam in the morning and have a lunch work meeting. I may be free Monday afternoon (some plans may be in the works–leave me a comment if you’d like to reserve this time slot O=] ) then I’ll be heading home in the evening. Mom–I still have no idea whether I’ll be home for dinner yet. Sorry! I’ll do my best to let you know asap so you can plan for dinner.

Tuesday-Thursday–free as of now! Hiking with Dave? Guitar with Adam? Catch up with Cheri? And of course spend some time with the lovely Helen. Just message me and let me know when you guys want to hang out.

Early weekend–I’ll be coming back to SJ for Eva’s birthday party Thursday night and then coming back to Livermore for Lucky’s birthday Friday. Phew! What an early weekend I’ve got coming up next week, huh?

I still have no idea what I’ll be doing the weekend of Sept 17-18. Maybe camping with the AIESECers? I think I may end up going back and forth between SJ and Livermore a lot again so don’t hesitate to text if you want to hang out!

Counting Down the Last Few Weeks.

My gosh time flies so quickly! I now only have about 2 weeks left until I leave for France. I waxed on and on sentimentally about everything I’m going to miss in my last entry… so let’s be a little more optimistic and proactive today!

As excited as I am to return to France... I'm still sad that soon I won't see all my beloved friends anymore

Here are my plans for the next few weeks. Please take a look so you have some idea regarding when I will be in San Jose or Livermore–this will really help me schedule when to hang out with all of you guys (hey, let’s face it, I don’t have all of your class and work schedules memorized so take a look and help me schedule!) I think the SJSU Homecoming Game is this Saturday at 1pm so I’ll be at the tail gate starting around 10 or 11am if you want to see me there.

I am coming back to San Jose tomorrow (Thursday, September 8th) and plan on being in town until next Tuesday (the 13th.) At that point, I will go back to Livermore for a few days. I’m not completely sure whether I will spend the weekend of September 16-18 in San Jose or Livermore yet… my guess as of now is that I will most likely drive back and forth between both cities a few times during that weekend since it sounds like a lot will be happening!

I have not gotten my plane ticket yet (anyone shocked?) My mother’s friend is a flight attendant and said she would help us get a special ticket. Get this, I’ll get to fly in business class and have 3 suitcases (yeay! enough to pack most of my life into!) and all I have to do is fly standby =D I told her I want to leave the week of September 19th and she should get back to us soon with the dates she can get me a flight.

I’ll let everyone know once I finally have my ticket and my departure time is finalized (well, as finalized as it can be in standby anyway.) There may also be a “surprise” (O=] ) going-away party in the works… so if anyone wants to get information I suggest you contact Alex to make sure you can come. And don’t hesitate! I want to see everyone before I leave!