Hong Kong’s Lantau Big Buddha, Part 2

My trip around Eurasia with Alex was absolutely amazing! 5 whole weeks of wandering around Paris, Barcelona, Munich, Salzburg, Florence, Venice, Rome, Ephesus, Istanbul and Hong Kong! Alas, all good things must come to an end, and I am finally about to post the very large pictures from this trip! I wish I had taken more photos in Hong Kong. There are so many cool things I’d love to show you guys… but I started getting a little lazy after 4 weeks of endless walking and picture-snapping. Do google markets in Hong Kong though ;D Like the girls’ market! Now, without further adieu: a few more pictures of Lantau Big Buddha in Hong Kong.

The Big Buddha

The top of the hill where the Big Buddha rests was sooo beautiful!! =]

Tian Tian Buddha Garden Commemorative Plate This is the view that motivates you as you climb the stairs up to the tippy top. The Tippy Top I think I’m getting a little better at capturing cool images O=] Back down the stairs to the hill…. There was a Buddhist temple up there too =] Alex bought and lit some incense to pray for his ancestors. One last shot of the Buddha Alex got mad at me for trying to feed one of the cows O=] That’s it for now folks! I’ve got plans to go back to Asia for winter vacation but until then you’ll just have to settle for startup talk and fun California adventures! (Hint: I went back to Napa ^^)

Hong Kong’s Lantau Big Buddha, Part 1

Alex took me to one of Hong Kong’s most famous Buddhist sights: Lantau Big Buddha.

Back in the day people would walk the miles-long trail… but now we have a lift =]

They have this special transparent cabin that allows you to see 360 degrees!

This sight is really popular so there’s usually a very long line. We got lucky though! There was almost no one in line ^^ I think it’s because we went in the early afternoon. Everyone was already up there XD

They had this cute painting on display near the area people wait in line to board the lift.

We got some great views of Hong Kong from up in the lift ^^

It’s unfortunately a little difficult to make out in this picture… but the trail lined with Buddhas went through beautiful forested areas =]

We could see buffalo from the lift too!

And finally… the Buddha!

Ngong Ping 360, the Village at the Top

In Hong Kong, shopping is a national sport. You can shop literally ANYWHERE! So it was no surprise that this historic Buddhist site was no exception XD 

Chinese Zodiac!

Stay tuned for Part 2! ❤