100 Follower Landmark!

I’ve got some celebrating to do today! After a year and a half of blogging (OK… more like almost 2 years O=]) I just recently reached 100 followers!

I’ll keep the cockiness and bragging to a minimum and thank all of you with a cute pic of Phelps celebrating =D

Party Animal!

Party Animal!

Liebster Award

I am just ecstatic! The lovely and oh so sweet Kalyen Dunleavy of blueribbonfair nominated me for the Liebster Award last week! Check out her blog. She’s super mom with 5 kids yet still finds the time to blog about all sorts fun things (like adorable cats and lambs!)


Now, to follow up on the reward, I need to :

  1. List 11 random facts about myself.
  2. Answer the 11 questions asked of me by the person who nominated me.
  3. Nominate my 11 picks for the award along with my 11 questions for them to answer when they post a response.
  4. If you’re nominated, your name/link will appear at the bottom of this post along with your questions. Follow the same format, i.e. paste the award badge to your blog, give us 11 random facts about yourself, answer my 11 questions, and choose your nominees…but you cannot nominate the blog who nominated you.

11 Random facts about myself:

  1.  I like to take my Maine Coon/Persian kitty on walks at the park (he wears a kitty harness with a leash!)
  2. I don’t like spicy food — it makes my mouth hurt =[
  3. I can speak 4 languages: French, English, Japanese and Mandarin
  4. I’ve been to over 15 countries!
  5. I love to sing and used to be part of a band in college (may be singing at Vaso Azzurro Friday nights starting this week, so stay tuned!)
  6. I am allergic to penicillin ><;
  7. My friends used to call me an “egg” in middle school and high school. Urban dictionary definition (#4.)
  8. I once dated a police officer… and am now very strategic about my speeding O=]
  9. I think Chinese preserved egg porridge is delicious, but will eat everything but the eggs.
  10. Sunshine makes me happier than just about anything else =]
  11. I once lived in the Middle East for 3 months.

Answering 11 question from Kalyen:

  1. If you are a reader: In your opinion is a hard copy book, a digital book such as Kindle, nook, etc or an audio book  the mode you use most often and the whys of it? If you are not a book reader ,but do read magazines, newspapers, blogs-which I am taking for granted if you are doing a blog you must read something, what kind of subjects draw you in? I like my Kindle since it’s small, light, and allows me to read things like 50 Shades of Grey without anyone knowing, but friends and family still give me books to read so I read those too. Part 2, I really like magazines about business and economics (like Fortune and The Economist) but also fashion magazines like Allure.
  2. What is your favorite web site and why-not including Word Press and if WP is give me your 2nd? Sad to say but I don’t really have a favorite website… I guess one I used to enjoy going to a lot was stumbleupon.com
  3. Cat or Dog person and if you dislike both: What kind of pet do you have or like to have? If this still does not work, name the 1st animal that comes to mind. Or do all 3 questions if you want to. The last one sounds fun. I looooove cats. Dogs are awesome and really friendly too, but I grew up with cats and just love them =] The first animal that came to my mind was a leopard.
  4. Sweet or Salty? Or What is your favorite food? Hhhmmm, all food =3 Especially French and Asian cuisine!
  5. If money was no option , you were in perfect health and you were given the time, what is your dream place to visit this year?  Any area on the globe. I really want to go back to Turkey. I went there for the very first time last summer and it just blew my mind! For a new place, I would also really like to visit Thailand. I find their art fascinating and love their food! (even though I always have to ask for super mild…)
  6. Most blogs I chose to nominate were crafty type of some type which DIY is probably a blog subject I myself spend time on above any others. DIY encompasses a lot of categories, so what are your  favorite elements you work with, paper, yarn, fabric , clay, any even if it is running  since you are doing it yourself?  Any hobby or thing you love and DIY it. I really like working with ribbons, whether that’s making hair clips, using them for a greeting card, or decorating a cork board.
  7. Do you like fruit or vegetable more? If you want to add more than just one word. Go for it Tell us more. Optional though. Both! Corn on the cob, apricots, plums, pluots.. yum =3
  8. The 3 most beautiful places in the world and one reason you think they are. you can  even use #5 above as 1 of them. This is a tough one! I have to go with the Castle of Versailles for one, Todaiji Temple in Tokyo for the second, and Ephesus in Turkey =]
  9. Why you chose Word Press over blogger or another blog host site? Maybe you have one on another site, since many do. But why WP over others for the blog you received the nomination for? WordPress was supposed to be very user-friendly, a great way to get started quickly without having to deal with overly confusing/advanced features.
  10. Live by the seaside or on the mountain if able and maybe you do live by one. Which is your choice if  you were able to do that? Even if you do live by the ocean, you may with it could be a mountain instead and vice versa. I would say the mountain. I love hike and ski, and sand kind of pisses me off ><;
  11. If you do not care to answer this one, just say lol or I am not going there etc.  Are you more introverted inclined or extroverted? Pick me-hand raised. I will put this on myself also and go first? Introvert. I’m very sociable but also highly self-analytical. Maybe a bit of both?

My nominee’s (I’m really bad about following other blogs — What can I say, I’m picky!! — so I’m not going to reach the 11 requested ><;)

  1. Angela Pavuk
  2. Brunch for Every Meal
  3. The Pinstriped Suit
  4. Classroom as Microcosm
  5. Brooke and McKenzie (so they stopped, it was still a really fun blog to read!)
  6. Cupcake Sakura

And now for MY questions ;D Since I only nominated 6 people, I thought I’d go a little easy on them and only give them 6 questions to answer (oh, and it’s probably because I’m super busy/think quality is better than quantity O=])

  1. What’s your favorite season and why?
  2. What is the one thing you wish you’d known growing up?
  3. Popsicle or banana split?
  4. What’s your worst habit?
  5. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  6. What’s a great place to eat few people know of? (Can be located anywhere!)

Thank you so much for nominating me Kalyen! ❤  

10K Views =D

I know numbers shouldn’t matter, but I still like to measure my blog’s “success” and I’m very happy to announce that we’re almost at 10,000 views! In 27 more views, it will be time to pop that imaginary champagne ^^

Ceeeelebrate good times, come on!

Thank you for reading about my life and random ideas. Do keep telling me what you’d like to read about. I’ve loved all the suggestions so far =]



Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy! And a New Post on Trint!

Fresh pig, here I come! This weekend, my grandparents decided that they would like to take me to eat (super) fresh pig at a cute little farm. The thing was almost still alive when we ate it! They killed the poor piggy just a few hours earlier that same day and cooked it BBQ style (NOT with BBQ sauce mind you, this is France after all O=]) on a spit.

Check out the pictures!

Isn't that a good-looking pig?!

Here's a closer look

Besides pig, there were also delicious home-made terrines & rillettes.

Terrines & rillettes

Last but not least, here’s a picture of the beautiful farm where we ate.

The cute farm where we ate

And don’t forget to check out my 3rd entry at trint.me’s Love Blog!

I’m Off to Paris! And a Special Treat =3

Hi everyone,

The princess pic I took for my first official post on trint--go check it out!

It’s very late and I need to leave early so this is going to be very quick! Here’s an update on my flight:

I leave SFO at 7:20 tomorrow morning, have a layover in New York, and then arrive in Paris at 7 am (I get the feeling my grandparents aren’t very happy about having to come pick me up so early!)

I’m afraid today was very busy and I haven’t gotten the pictures from my going away party from friends yet, but I do have something for all of you to read: today, my love blog for trint went live! Check it out and leave me comments! ❤