How to Keep Your Chin Up During your Job Search

Looking for a new job can be a little demoralizing… every single company you interview with (assuming they even contact you regarding your application) isn’t going to call you back to a 2nd round interview or hire you… and you know what? That’s OK!

So that may sound a little crazy, but let’s be honest. Would you rather end up at a job you hate or hold out just a little longer for a great company you’ll be happy to stay with a few years?

So, in the meantime, here’s how to stay cheerful, motivated, and remember your worth! =

  1. Keep trying! Sounds a little nuts, but each company that isn’t right brings you one step closer to finding the right company. Explanation: if you’re not spending your time and energy on companies that aren’t right for you, you’ve got more resources to focus on finding that perfect professional home =] Plus, the more companies you reach out to, the likelier you are to find that right fit more quickly! (Note: this does not mean spam companies you’re sure wouldn’t be a good fit.)
  2. Focus on the positive. Talking about yourself and what you bring to teams (and brainstorming when you prepare for those interviews) should have given you a pretty solid understanding of all the great things that make you a wonderful person to hire. Don’t forget all those great things! No one is perfect and we each have our individual flaws, just as we possess unique talents, so don’t get bogged down by the rejection, and remember all the things that make you a great employee (that they’ll be sorry they missed out on!)
  3. Learn. Interviews go both ways. Recruiters and hiring managers want to get to know you, but you also want to get to know them too so you know what you’re getting yourself into. As you do more interviews, you should have an increasingly more comprehensive understanding of the current state of your industry and what you can realistically expect (salary, office culture, work-life balance, etc.) Use this knowledge to make that company you want to work for that much more real in your mind (can you imagine what it’d be like?) and cement your resolve and determination to find it!
  4. Don’t take rejection too personally. Companies often have a very clear idea of the skills, experience and personality they want for a given role. Being rejected for a position does not mean there’s anything wrong with you, it just means you weren’t the person they think will be the best at doing this job with their company (and its own, special culture.) I realize this is more difficult to do than to say… so when you’re not selected for a role, try asking yourself, would I be happy working for a company that isn’t right for me?
  5. Be happy. Looking for a new job can be hard work if you put your mind to it! Crafting and sending out resumes and cover letters, doing phone screens, filling out applications, taking personality and aptitude tests, attending on-site interviews… doing this 8 – 5 everyday can be exhausting! Make sure you still make some time for the hobbies and people that make you happy.

You probably could have guessed it, but what makes me happy is walking and playing with my fuzzy little terror =]

Added benefit: sunshine makes me happy!

Added benefit: sunshine makes me happy!

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