New Prize Contest: jobularity!!

jobularityI’ve recently had the pleasure of getting involved with another Bay Area startup, jobularity, and am incredibly excited to share it with all of you!

I’ll keep it short and sweet: in my opinion, the point of jobularity is to be like LinkedIn, but even better. jobularity allows jobseekers to be more than a list of position titles and tasks. It gives you the opportunity to tell potential employers about your goals, your passions… give them a little feel of who you are!

Oh, and the user interface looks pretty cool too ;D

So, what does all that look like? Glad you asked! Here are a few screenshots =]

jobularity screenshot jobularity screenshot 2

jobularity screenshot 3 jobularity screenshot 4And now, the prize! A free job-search coaching session with me on how to apply for jobs, write/edit a resume & cover letter, tips on how to find jobs to apply for, apply for them, ace phone screens, interviews… whatever will help you be successful!

So  it may not be an iPad… but I do get paid $20-40/hr for this =] Or…. if you’re just that sure you’ve got it all going on (or love your job and don’t plan on going anywhere), I’ll take you out do dinner =3

How to enter the contest:

  1. Create a profile on jobularity
  2. Post the link to it here =]
  3. Extra entry into the prize drawing if you find a job you want to apply for & APPLY FOR IT!*

*Save a print-screen (of the screen that pops up after you finish applying) as proof you applied in case you’re the lucky winner.)

 Got a better idea for the prize? I’m open to suggestions O=]

I Love My New Job!

For anyone who hasn’t been reading all my posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn about how I’m looking for tech support pretty much everywhere…. I have news: I started my new job as an international recruiting coordinator at Astreya Partners Monday July 16, 2012.

And it has been AWESOME!! =D The team I work with is incredible. They’re all super nice, intelligent, hard-working and social people around my age. They’ve been just wonderful about answering all my questions while I’m training, sharing helpful tips, and we even go out to happy hour at Pedro’s down the street after work!

Yeah, I told you guys my coworkers are the shit ;D

My bosses are even MORE awesome though! My supervisor, Jenny, is super chill and really motivating! She’s able to make the work environment so energizing that I’m easily able to do my best work =] Plus, she’s very approachable so I’m not worried I’ll ever have any problems!

And the big boss in charge is kind of like Santa Clause. He brings bagels for everyone Wednesday mornings, keeps the fridge stocked with snacks, pays for us to order catering from a different restaurant every Monday and even ordered this cool ice cream truck to come for one of my coworkers’ birthday last week! I can see why they say you gain the Astreya 15 just like in college now ;D

As for the job itself…. I love it =] I spend my day sourcing people to help them get jobs. This includes looking for resumes on LinkedIn, Craigslist and other resume banks; using social media to reach other potential candidates; getting back in touch with contacts who might know someone who would be a good match for the position or who might have some advice about recruiting in a foreign market.

Did I forget to mention I recruit all over the world? ^^ I source for Technical Support Technicians and Equipment Maintenance Technicians (pretty much desktop support) as well as Technical Team Leads (managers, supervisors) all over the place! Just in North America my recruiter, Sara (who’s awesome too ^^), and I are in charge of SF, Mountain View, Seattle, San Bruno, Kirkland, LA, NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, Toronto and Boulder, Colorado. And in Asia Pacific ? Taipiei, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney and India. Oh, and can’t forget Europe! London, Dublin, Zurich, Paris…

Thankfully, I didn’t have to source for every single location my first week. That would have been insane! I’m really excited to build my network even more in all of these places though ^^

Did you guys want to see my cube?!

Mini Golf in the Bay Area

I didn’t see any cool mini golf places during my travels so I thought some of my international friends might like this O=]

Mini golf places in California are kind of extravagant. They’re really well decorated!! This one is Boomers in Livermore. The mini golf there is awesome, but don’t go for the arcade. You have to pay $1 to buy a card to charge instead of just getting tokens, and the machine often doesn’t even work! It just ate my friend’s money without giving him anything and then gave me a card that was invalid and the employees weren’t even going to do anything about it so I had to yell at them!! ><‘ Yeah… just go for the mini golf…

There was even a pool with bumper boats!!

Discovering Startup Events in the Bay: Startup Grind

I went to my first Startup Grind last night! I missed all the cool startup events I attended in Paris ( Start in Paris, Girls in Tech Paris, Apero Entrepreneurs….) and all of the amazing people I met there so I decided to see what I could find in the US capital of entrepreneurship =]

Startup Grind definitely met my expectations! Last night, organizer Derek Anderson brought famous journalist (for Fortune, one of my favorites!) and author Adam Lashinsky in to discuss his book Inside Apple: How American’s Most Admired–And Secretive–Company Really Works.

Picture of Derek Anderson and Adam Lashinsky from last night’s event. Picture taken from

Derek’s questions led Adam into some very insightful answers. They discussed Steve Jobs’  leadership style, the impact he has ad on Apple’s success and development, who will be the next CEO and how they expect Apple to evolve and develop. It was a super interesting discussion and they even gave out a few signed copies of Inside Apple!

Just like at the events in Paris, I got to meet some cool people =] I even met someone who’s hiring! To all job seekers out there: do not underestimate the power of networking. You might not run into your future employer right away, but it’s a lot easier to make an impression in person than on paper! So get out there and meet people.

The verdict? Definitely going to more =]

You can find the event details here and info about upcoming meetups here.

The Cool Kid’s Quick Guide to the Bay Area

I’m coming home for a nice, week-long business trip next week and showing my bosses around, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to compile a handy  little guide for all my international friends who want to know what locals like ;D

Here’s the loot, in no particular order:

  1. In n’ Out Burger. Californians’ pride and joy. A must see, and must taste ;D

    California’s best burger! Well, until…

  2. Five Guy’s. It recently (as in within the last 6 months) replaced In n’ Out as California’s best burger. Worth a try, no? You get a BIG burger, can choose tons of toppings (I like avocado and A1 sauce =3) and unlimited peanuts!

    Decisions, decisions…

  3. Google. Do you know someone who works at Google? Odds are you do. A LOT of people work there. Take them out to lunch and talk them into giving you a tour so you can check out those ping pong tables and try out the Google Earth mini-room yourself ❤

    Wouldn’t you like to have lunch there?

  4. Santana Row in San Jose. Cool shops (Japanese stuff, The Container Store, etc.). Tons of stores (shopping!). And Yard House. If you’ve never heard of Yard house, make sure you go there! They have more beers than you’ve ever seen on a single menu, and all their food is local and organic. You can thank me later =]

    Told you it’s awesome

    PS: get there early. It gets VERY packed.

  5. Verde Tea Cafe. THE best milk tea you will ever have! Don’t know what milk tea is? All the more reason to go! I recommend the brown sugar or red bean, and do let them know if you only want 1/2 or 1/4 sugar ❤

    Om nom nom

  6. Ray’s Sushi. Great quality sushi at an affordable price. What else could you ask for? You’ll probably need a car to get there though, so get a rental or convince a kind tourist to help you out ;D

    Just seeing makes me really really want to go back ASAP!

  7. Frozen Yogurt. In case you haven’t noticed, there are A LOT of Asians in the Silicon Valley, hence the milk tea. Another yummy food they’ve converted Nor Californians to is frozen yogurt. I recommend Yogurtland.

    Did I forget to mention the really cute Tokidoki cups?

  8. Japanese Friendship Gardenin San Jose. I like this park because it’s always bright and sunny, it’s usually relatively quiet and peaceful, and it’s just beautiful =]

    So beautiful ^^

  9. Santa Cruz. Drive over there (or take the 17 bus from San Jose) and stare at the hippies, pot heads and surfers (oh, stereotypes!)… or walk around the beautiful city for a nice, relaxing afternoon in the sun.

    Didn’t I tell you it’s a gorgeous city to visit?

  10. Last but not least, check out Haight-Ashbury. It’s one of San Francisco’s young, quixotic streets. You’ll find lots of very California things there: tattoo and piercing parlors, marijuana shops, and even cookies shaped like genitals! Did I mention my generation’s veeeeery open-minded?

    The Haight in all its glory

Now go off and enjoy your trip! Let me know what you liked and share your pictures ❤

Like what you see? Notice anything missing? Suggest more places to add!

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