Last Pictures of Barcelona

This is going to be a rather large post since it’s a potpourri of the rest of the pictures I took in Barcelona. Enjoy!

Let’s start with a few pictures I took while strolling downtown with Alex.

My uncle took us to see some old Catalunian houses near his home so we could get a feel for traditional architecture. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they turned some of these into bed and breakfasts? It’d be a great way to make sure they’re maintained and kept in tip-top shape!

Here’s a close-up of the gorgeous mosaic on this house.

Yeah, I just had to take a picture of this wall when we walked by. If I remember correctly, it was on our way to the Gothic Quarters.

Fresh vegetable, meat and seafood market. We had a delicious snack there! The food was so fresh and tasty–I wish I had thought to take a few pictures!

La Seu cathedral in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter.

More pictures from the Gothic Quarter.

This connected 2 buildings above a narrow alley.

For some reason, we keep seeing arcs everywhere: in Paris, Barcelona, Munich and a whole bunch of them in Rome! I feel like there must be a significance I’m not understanding…

Last but not least, we took a few moments to relax by the beach our last evening =]

More pictures from my travels here!


Visiting Barcelona, Part 3: Parque Guell

One of the coolest places my uncle showed Alex and me in Barcelona was Parque Guell. This park is just gorgeous, and Gaudi’s art gives it a special atmosphere.

Some of Gaudi’s work. He designed the building as well as the colorful rail orning the balcony I took this picture from. Pretty huh?

Visiting Barcelona, Part 2

Alex and I happened upon this church during our ride on the tour bus. Unfortunately, we don’t remember what the area was called! However, we did learn it’s famous for having the best sweets. I have to admit the slice of chocolate walnut cake I had there was delicious.

This dragon iron gate was designed by Gaudi if I remember correctly.
The Royal Palace.

Barcelona’s soccer stadium, Camp Nou.

Beautiful balconies.

This nice building was right next to (and may very well have been part of) a really cool university we found.

A university we found.

Isn’t its interior gorgeous? It had the look and feel of ancient architecture: stone, columns… and there was a park in the middle/in the back where I managed to find some cats!

The park inside the university had fountains, benches…

Visiting Barcelona, Part 1

**I’m not sure everyone knows this yet, but 2 weeks ago I embarked on a really nice, long trip around Europe (and Turkey and Hong Kong.) I’ve fallen behind in posting pictures since I’ve been having so much fun I come home pooped every night and just go to bed, but here are some of the first pictures. (PS I’m now in Rome =] )

We saw tooons of stuff in Barcelona and had a good old jolly time. It was sunny, my uncle cooked for us every night… it was awesome =]

The Sagrada Familia. My uncle explained to us that it won’t be finished for another 30 years and that Gaudi, the architect who designed it, was horrible at math and miscalculated several important measurements such that the Sagrada Familia would collapse if it was completed according to his measurements.

We found this in the garden in front of the Sagrada Familia.

I wanted a picture to show the contrast between French and Catalunian bread and pastry shops.

Park La Tamarita

I was amazed by how beautiful the houses are in Barcelona and ended up taking quite a few pictures just of houses!

The Funicular to go up the mountain from Tibidabo looked closed when we got there…

… so we decided to take a hike and walked up a small trail we found nearby.

At first we thought this must be a church!

However, when we got closer we realized it was actually someone’s house!

We saw this church during our hike up the mountain.

Another beautiful house we saw.