Hong Kong’s Lantau Big Buddha, Part 2

My trip around Eurasia with Alex was absolutely amazing! 5 whole weeks of wandering around Paris, Barcelona, Munich, Salzburg, Florence, Venice, Rome, Ephesus, Istanbul and Hong Kong! Alas, all good things must come to an end, and I am finally about to post the very large pictures from this trip! I wish I had taken more photos in Hong Kong. There are so many cool things I’d love to show you guys… but I started getting a little lazy after 4 weeks of endless walking and picture-snapping. Do google markets in Hong Kong though ;D Like the girls’ market! Now, without further adieu: a few more pictures of Lantau Big Buddha in Hong Kong.

The Big Buddha

The top of the hill where the Big Buddha rests was sooo beautiful!! =]

Tian Tian Buddha Garden Commemorative Plate This is the view that motivates you as you climb the stairs up to the tippy top. The Tippy Top I think I’m getting a little better at capturing cool images O=] Back down the stairs to the hill…. There was a Buddhist temple up there too =] Alex bought and lit some incense to pray for his ancestors. One last shot of the Buddha Alex got mad at me for trying to feed one of the cows O=] That’s it for now folks! I’ve got plans to go back to Asia for winter vacation but until then you’ll just have to settle for startup talk and fun California adventures! (Hint: I went back to Napa ^^)

I Love My New Job!

For anyone who hasn’t been reading all my posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn about how I’m looking for tech support pretty much everywhere…. I have news: I started my new job as an international recruiting coordinator at Astreya Partners Monday July 16, 2012.

And it has been AWESOME!! =D The team I work with is incredible. They’re all super nice, intelligent, hard-working and social people around my age. They’ve been just wonderful about answering all my questions while I’m training, sharing helpful tips, and we even go out to happy hour at Pedro’s down the street after work!

Yeah, I told you guys my coworkers are the shit ;D

My bosses are even MORE awesome though! My supervisor, Jenny, is super chill and really motivating! She’s able to make the work environment so energizing that I’m easily able to do my best work =] Plus, she’s very approachable so I’m not worried I’ll ever have any problems!

And the big boss in charge is kind of like Santa Clause. He brings bagels for everyone Wednesday mornings, keeps the fridge stocked with snacks, pays for us to order catering from a different restaurant every Monday and even ordered this cool ice cream truck to come for one of my coworkers’ birthday last week! I can see why they say you gain the Astreya 15 just like in college now ;D

As for the job itself…. I love it =] I spend my day sourcing people to help them get jobs. This includes looking for resumes on LinkedIn, Craigslist and other resume banks; using social media to reach other potential candidates; getting back in touch with contacts who might know someone who would be a good match for the position or who might have some advice about recruiting in a foreign market.

Did I forget to mention I recruit all over the world? ^^ I source for Technical Support Technicians and Equipment Maintenance Technicians (pretty much desktop support) as well as Technical Team Leads (managers, supervisors) all over the place! Just in North America my recruiter, Sara (who’s awesome too ^^), and I are in charge of SF, Mountain View, Seattle, San Bruno, Kirkland, LA, NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, Toronto and Boulder, Colorado. And in Asia Pacific ? Taipiei, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney and India. Oh, and can’t forget Europe! London, Dublin, Zurich, Paris…

Thankfully, I didn’t have to source for every single location my first week. That would have been insane! I’m really excited to build my network even more in all of these places though ^^

Did you guys want to see my cube?!

Visit to Musée Guimet

Finally got to go visit the Musée Guimet this weekend =] I couldn’t find the exhibit with pictures from the Meiji era ><‘ but the rest of the collections were really interesting!

Thai Statuette

Elephant Hunting Hook

Indian Queen Maya Devi giving birth to prince Siddhartha

Can you find the 11th head?

Chinese Statuette

Wouldn't you love sleeping on this hard pillow?

Chinese Tea Kettle

Check out all of the objects held in his(?) hands