Travel Meets Social (Or Social Meets Travel?)

I discovered the Pinterest of tourism today (HAD to say that! XD): trippy.

Guess what it does… it allows you to “pin” pictures of places you’d like to go and share them with your Facebook friends… I mean “share travel ideas with friends.” Now I know this doesn’t sound very original considering all the apps coming out about SoLoMo (the holy trilogy of social, local, mobile), but I just so happened to stumble upon this at the perfect time.

The interface is nice, isn't it?

I’m planning a trip ^^ I’m going on vacation in April! My CDD (French short-term employment contract) ends April 24 so I thought I’d take advantage of this fortuitous timing (right when the summer weather will be picking up quite nicely) to get my European tourist style on.

My hit list? Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Turkey, Dubai (or Qatar?) and, finally, Hong Kong. Whew!! Think I can manage to spend a decent amount of time in all those places in 3-4 weeks? I might have to trim this a little O=]

Who can guess where this is? ;D

*Added bonus: trippy has this cool little function that lets you use pins to plan your next trip!