Fancy & Easy French-Inspired Appetizer

My last few posts have been about recruiting so it seemed like a good time to break things up with a recipe =]

The finished product

The finished product

This one is inspired by a delicious French appetizer my mother makes with foie gras, but this is a little easier (and cheaper ;D)

What you’ll need (based on servings at Trader Joe’s):

  1. One bag of pitted, dried plums
  2. 2 packages of prosciutto
  3. 2 – 3 small goat cheeses (or 1 long loaf)
  4. Tooth picks (one box is plenty)

And now for the steps!

First, cut prosciutto in half to avoid wallet obliteration

First, cut prosciutto in half to avoid wallet obliteration

All you need to do is cut your slices of prosciutto lengthwise (hot dog style), put goat cheese inside each pitted prune, wrap the slice of prosciutto around and use a tooth pick to secure it all.

Present as you wish =]

Dec 20 How to Make Oeufs en Gelée

My granny taught me how to cook this weekend! We made oeufs en gelée (no clue what that would translate to in English… eggs in jello? Except the jello stuff is salty….)

This appetizer takes about an hour to make (we made 7), but you also have to leave it in the fridge over night. If you’re impatient or in a rush, I think 2-3 hours may do.

So here goes!

What you need:

  1. A pack of gelée mix 
  2. Eggs (we made 7)
  3. Water
  4. Ham
  5. Parsley
  6. Cups, glasses, or bowls

Step 1. Buy French jello mix (sorry, just don’t have a translation for that…) and cook. You want to bring water (check box for amount) to a boil, then lower the heat (so it’s just simmering) and add the French jello mix. Make sure you keep stirring it so it doesn’t stick to the bottom. Cook it for a few min (check instructions on box.)

Step 2. Cook eggs. Boil them for 4 min. No more! The yolk needs to still be a little runny. Then dip them in cold water. Now for the fun part: grab a towel so you don’t burn your hands and deshell them very carefully (remember, that yolk’s runny so be gentle!)

Step 3. Grab whatever cups, glasses, bowls, etc. you’re going to put all this stuff into. Cut ham into rectangular slices and place them inside each cup/glass/bowl so as to cover the rims completely. If a piece is too short, just add another piece to cover the exposed side. Put a sprig of parsley in the bottom, and then put a square of ham on top of it.

Dec 20 How to Make Oeufs en Gelée

Step 4. Now put an egg in the middle of each cup/glass/bowl, nice and centered…

Dec 20 How to Make Oeufs en Gelée…and pour the warm gelée on top.
Dec 20 How to Make Oeufs en Gelée

Step. 5 Put in the fridge to cool overnight.

Step 6. My grandpa came around wanting to take pictures so I put him to good use =] you’ve got a video to show you how to get the oeufs en gelée out of your cup/glass/bowl (anyone else sick of the repition?) Stick them in warm water to help melt the sides a little, then slide a knife around the perimeter (inside the cup, mind you), then flip it upside down and slide it out onto a plate.

Step 7. Decorate =]

Dec 20 How to Make Oeufs en Gelée